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Pumpkins and Mittens

The sun finally came out today, so my girls and I headed out for the annual visit to our favorite pumpkin patch. (DH and the lad have long since lost interest in these excursions.) Set high on a hill, overlooking spectacular fall foliage, the farm is located in one of the most beautiful spots in our very scenic little town. Those of you who believe the myth that NJ is nothing but highways and oil refineries really should see this part of the state.

We like our pumpkins a little on the not-so-perfect side and we like them big, so the visit always involves a lot of hunting and discussion. 

Contemplating the Pumpkin 

We finally found one that was suitably warty and massive so IJK threw it on her shoulders and trotted down the hill with it. I am so glad that I am no longer the chief pumpkin hauler in the family.

Big Pumpkin 

We also purchased two large Hubbard squash which we will cook and use for making pumpkin bread. Every year we take the excess pulp that these huge squash produce and freeze it carefully measured into two cup portions in ziplock baggies. Throughout the year we pull out those baggies and make a few loaves. If you have never used fresh pumpkin for baking before, trust me, it is worth the little bit of extra effort. The taste is much, much better than canned. I just cut the squash in half and put it face down in a pan with a bit of water. I cook it in a 350 oven until it pierces easily with a fork.

We thought the pumpkin patch would make a good FO photo shoot location. So despite the fact that it was a bit warm today for alpaca mittens, DD#2 bravely modeled.

Rey Punkin 

I knit this pair of Reykjavik mittens as a sample for a class I'll be teaching at Modern Yarn in Montclair, NJ. The yarn is Frog Tree Alpaca Sport. It makes a very yummy pair of mittens. The class will be held the first three Mondays of November at 7 pm. You may call the store for more information or to sign up. The class will cover colorwork technique, so if you've always wanted to try stranded colorwork, but have been a little intimidated sign up and we'll show you that it's really quite a lot of fun.

Rey Punkin 2 

If you look closely you'll see that this pair is not identical. I thought it would be fun to reverse the color positions on the second mitten. It's pretty subtle in this colorway, but I'd love to try it in a more bold combo.

Rey Punkin 3

You'll find more details on the mittens on Ravelry.

For those who have asked, I'll be releasing my new pattern, Miller's Hat on Wednesday.


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How fun! I was out at the harvest festival last night thinking, "I really need some mittens right now" I guess it is time to cast on!

These pictures and commentary is so very lovely. Makes me ache a little for my college girls...who is in her dorm room making gingerbread houses with her friends.

Hi! Your day looks like it was beautiful! I "just" posted a recipe you can use for your baked pumpkin... good timing!


The pumpkin patch and photo shoot look like lots of fun. Great mitts! I wish your class was around me, I'd love to join in.

That pumpkin your daughter is carrying is **perfect**!

beautiful day, beautiful daughters, beautiful pumpkins, beautiful mittens, and then a beautiful hat to look forward to! thank you for sharing all of that.

by the way, i am really enjoying this year's mystery sock and am even managing to keep up! :)

Fantastic pictures and gorgeous mittens.

We don't have any pumpkin patches near us - infact there are only a small number here in the UK so I love to see other blogger's photos.

And here I thought WE had found the perfect pumpkin this year...looks like there were 2 in the patch!

LOVE the mittens.

what a fun outing with the girls :) are you going to carve that sucker?

What a perfect day! (And NJ is a really well-kept secret, if you ask me!) Can't wait for the Miller's hat pattern. Actually, all of your new patterns are just screaming out for me to knit them up! :-)

I'm fine with everyone thinking that NJ is refineries and highways, it keeps the rabble away. I love riding my bike out there.

love the mittens, the blue is perfect with the orange!

Again, you have such great kids - and in this world, that is not easy - good work! Thanks for the tip on the Hubbard squash - that does sound worth the effort - for sure!

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