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More Hats and Mittens

Minutes after returning from a 5k run this morning, IJK found herself donning a wool hat and mittens.  Such a good sport she is.

Laurie's Mittens and Hat

This is the same hat design that I showed you earlier this week.  I wasn't happy with the crown decreases on that one so I reworked it.  This time I used Knit Picks City Tweed DK in the Jacquard colorway.  This is pretty yarn, so soft and cozy in an alpaca/merino/donegal blend.  I've got two skeins left so there may be a cowl or short scarf on its way too.

Laurie's Hat

I decided to make mittens to go with the beret.  Mittens are such a satisfyingly quick project and hat/mitten sets make nice gifts.  My plan is to do this with most of my hat and mitten designs from now on. I will give this set away to a good friend who has a big birthday coming up.

Laurie's Mittens 

The patterns are written and I've got some test knitters lined up, so look for the patterns in a few weeks.

You'll find more details about the hat and mittens on their project pages on Raverly.

Laura, the designer for Schaefer Yarns sent some gorgeous Miss Priss to use for a sweater design.  My mind has been swimming with ideas ever since it arrived on Thursday.  I plan to cast on today.  My goal is to have the sweater done by Rhinebeck.  Too ambitious?  We'll see.


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Very nice! Especially like those mitts!

Can't wait for the pattern! And so happy to hear that the Knit Picks City Tweed is nice. I just ordered some. . . (Love the color you used.)

I'm looking forward to the hat and mittens pattern, how many skeins of yarn did the set take? I'm thinking I could order the yarn and by the time it arrives the pattern might be ready.

Oh the city tweed looks nice in that pattern! She is a very good sport!

I used some City Tweed recently and it was great fun to knit up -- my only quibble was a few too many white alpaca guard hairs to pick out. It certainly looks great for that hat and mittens combo.

Love the way you made this a set. Often I see a hat or mitten pattern a wish it were a set.

I can't wait until the pattern is available. I get a jolt whenever you refer to your daughter as IJK - I am an IJK too, and it transports me back to my law firm days. Everyone in a law firm has a three letter acronym!

What a yummy pattern. I really like it. I'm glad for the review of the City Tweed as I'm looking to knit a sweater for either myself or SO out of it!

Oh- what beautiful hat and mittens. so clever- love the colours

I love those! Also yay! I'm excited for another mystery sock pattern and I hope I have time to work on it in between studying. I'd much rather be knitting!

So lovely. I keep thinking I should knit up so gifts to have at the ready (although I usually think of it when I'm in need of a last minute gift for someone of course). Your friend in for a treat.

I love a tweedy yarn for hats- great choice!

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