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Squishy and Slouchy

That's the way my girls seem to like their hats these days.  In a fit of "I-need-some-instant-gratification-knitting" last week I made two new hats.  They are both based on the same stitch pattern with a few changes from one to the other. 

Laurie's Beret #4

The first one is made with Farmhouse Yarns, Andy's Merino II.  It is a lovely, squishy, delicious yarn that comes in a wide range of equally appealing colors.  

Laurie's Beret #5

Laurie's Beret

The second was made with Knit Picks Gloss HW.  This is a really nice Merino/Silk at a very good price.  You can't really see it in these photos, but the yarn has a lovely luster from the silk.

Laurie's Beret #1

I'll be tweaking the pattern and knitting this one more time.  There are a few little details I'd like to improve on before I release it. 

Now for the fun part - digging through the stash for a yarn to knit the third hat with.  I always discover something I'd forgotten I had when I do that.

The kids have a day off from school today, so the "Lad" and I will continue our quest to find the perfect college for him.  Although we think we may have found it on our outing on Friday, it doesn't hurt to see a few more.  (Is it me or are colleges much nicer than they were back in the dark ages when I went to school?)

So, who's going to Rhinebeck this year?  I'll be there on Sunday.  If you see me, say "hi".


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Love those hats. Hannah would like that pattern, too. Good luck with the continued college visits!

Love the new hats and their names.. do the lucky models get to keep them?

Love the hats! Good luck with the college search.We are all about finding the perfect college these days.

I think the campuses that I've been on in the last few years are waaaay nicer than "back in the day" (as my students like to call the dark ages of MY youth!).

I'll be at Rhinebeck--both days, so I hope to see you on Sunday...finally!!!

Fantastic hat!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the Gloss HW yarn! I hope you make your pattern "tweaks" quickly so I can make one for myself!

And, it is not your imagination! The colleges are definitely better! Have you seen the cafeterias!! Yummy!!

Kelley Petkun

Oooh I love the look of those hats. I have the perfect yarn to use for it. I picked it up this weekend knowing I needed to make a beret with it for a friend. The problem was, I didn't know what pattern. Now I do!

Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Good luck with the college visits!

(p.s. I am ridiculously excited about the Mystery Sock KAL!)

I really like the look of the one knit with HW Gloss. I have been wondering about that yarn and how it would be received. I love the laceweigth and sock weight (though not for socks, it doesn't seem durable enough for socks to me). I think think the newest design will surely be a winner.

Love both of 'em, although on this Big Irish Head no hat is ever slouchy! Yo I'll be at Rhinebeck, let's coordinate to see each other:)

brilliant pattern! it's so beautiful!

Love that hat! Now that it's getting a bit colder, I'm getting back into knitting hats! Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

awww, so DC's no longer on the list? ;) i'm glad you found the perfect school, though! love the new hat. the blue/green color is awesome. see you at rhinebeck!!!! :D

I have some Farmhouse blended that I might hold double. I really like this hat! Eagerly waiting for the KAL, though still thinking about which yarn to use!

Colleges (and I work at one) are country clubs compared to when my husband and I went. All needs (and wants) are met, as long as you get good grades! Love the hat.

Oh, so pretty - great pattern for a beret.

I would love to make it to Rhinebeck one year - I hope you have a great time. Continued luck on the college search (I am still pulling for the DC area ones, since that means you down in my region more!)

I've been touring universities too... my oldest son is in his last year of high school. (Final exams are 4 weeks away... gulp!)

Those hats are absolutely gorgeous. What lucky, lucky girls!

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