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Sneak Peek

Ulmus 12, originally uploaded by throughtheloops.

The pattern for the rectangular version of Ulmus is almost ready. I can see already that I'll be wearing this one a lot this fall.  More photos on Ravelry.

Pictured is the largest size which is approx 24x68". I used 2 skeins each of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock lightweight in Moonstone and Mossay.

We're off to look a colleges with the lad. Hope every one in the US has a wonderful Labor Day!


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This is awesome! I love the Ulmus design, and am excited about this version as well. Beautiful!

just gorgeous. I am a rectangle and square - not a triangle - knitter. Looking forward to this one.

Labour day? Sounds like hard work to me!

i love the colors you chose for rectangular ulmus! beautiful :) see you this weekend, hooray!

Lovely. I really like how it has a woven look to it.

Lovely. I can't wait for the pattern!

Its beautiful!

I remember the college trip with my dad -- scary and exciting all at once. Have fun! And have your son walk around alone on each campus for a while (I did that to see what it would feel like, when I was off and independent).

You know, I really liked the first version, but this one I'll make and wear in a hot minute. It's really terrific.

You know, it's a really good idea to let the kid wander around on his own, a little, if you can stand it. Spend a few minutes in the food-service areas, walking around the campus, sitting or reading in the public areas. Oops, I see that's just what Chelsea told you above. Well, Chelsea's a brilliant woman. Have fun.

I love it! I was about to start on the triangle and now I think I'll wait for the rectangle. Have a fun weekend!

Send him to Brown! Send him to Brown.Ok.

That is one MUTHA of a Ulmus you got there--unreal and utterly gorgeous:)

It's beautiful! I don't want to tell A where to go to school; but, there are some very nice colleges in New England, particularly in the neighborhood of Connecticut...just saying.

Omg, the waiting is killing me, I have never been so excited about a pattern before !!
I am hoping this goes on sale before Tina switces up the colorways !
You are truly an amazing artist and I thank you for that !

The pattern on this shawl is so appealing, with the lace edge - very different from many of the patterns out there - looks like its warm too!

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