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Sikkim the Second

Thanks for all of your kind comments on the Joy of Sox book, Golden Dahlia and the Make-Up Socks.  I'm thrilled that you like the designs.  You have until 9/15 to enter the contest.

Sikkim II Front

The Sikkim hat, which I designed and knit last fall, has been IJK's favorite since that time.  Even in the summer months she often wore it.  Last week while we were visiting our friend Justine in her store, Angelfire Studios, IJK decided it was time for another Sikkim in a new colorway.  I'm not one to refuse an excuse for an impulse yarn purchase, so I agreed.

Sikkim II Back

IJK chose three shades of Koigu KPM in a bold orange, a dark brown and a medium blue with the slightest hint of green.  These are colors that it would never have occurred to me to put together, but I love the result.  IJK has a really unique and fearless color sense.  I think I'll have her choose colors for me more often in the future.  We took a little trip to DC over the weekend to visit a few colleges.  This afforded me just the right amount of travel knitting time to finish the hat.  You will find more details on the hat on Ravelry.

The kiddos went back to school yesterday.  "The Lad" is a senior (how did that happen so fast?) and my girls are sophomores.  Last night they were already swamped with homework.  I don't remember it being this demanding when I was in HS. 

I hope to get back to posting to this blog a little more often, but with the college search in full swing I'm not sure it will be as often as I'd like.  (I've got to save a little time for actual knitting after all.)


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We've got some college visiting to do around here, too.

Those are great colors together! Very nice.

Good luck with the college search...mine was very easy since I applied to only one school, but I remember how stressful and crazy it was for a lot of my friends.

Beautiful hat and I love the colors—gorgeous! We are in the middle of the college search too—I think there were a lot of us visiting schools this weekend. Good luck to you and yours in the search process. It's a busy time for sure!

HS is much more difficult when we were all in school. "Old" has its perks--I don't envy my kids.

Oh, I'm in the midst of the college visit thing again, too!!!! I'm a "pro". . . having done this already 3 short years ago (but every child is unique, so this one has new-and-never-before-seen challenges!). Anyway, I love the hat. Great colors. :-)

Beautiful... so that's what was on the needles last week!

Lovely colour choice - reminds me of the vibrancy of your blog header - hmmm. Maybe you undersell your own abilities. Meanwhile your daughter has an astute and creative eye.

Really Really nice color combination - I would not have thought to put those colors together either - it is fab! The hat looks so alive with rich color.

Excellent color choice, she's got quite the eye!

The colors of the hat are really beautiful. I love them. Yes, the years fly by, don't they? As an English teacher, don't get me started on how bogged-down with homework the kids are, even my little first grader granddaughter! It's crazy. They don't have time to play!

I love the new colors. My Sikkim ended up in the washer so I think I may knit a new one after seeing your second version!

I love all your knitting projects !!

Lovely Sikkim colors ... and the socks from the last post are wonderful! My fall knitting: finish the Decimal sweater from Knitty; socks and more socks (including those Dahlias!); maybe a hat or two in time for the holidays....

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