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Secret Knitting Revealed: The Joy of Sox

Joy of Sox Pairs

I finally get to reveal to you two pairs of socks that I designed back in the spring of '08 for Lark Books.  I was thrilled to learn that they chose both of the patterns that I submitted   for 9781600592850L[2] the recently published Joy of Sox, by Linda Kopp.  Don't let the kitschy title fool you, this book is filled with wonderful patterns for all levels.  You can see many of them on Ravelry.  The book is filled with more than 30 new designs by a host of talented designers.  I am humbled to have my designs included with all of them. 

The publishers have given me an extra copy of "Joy of Sox" to give to one of my readers.  Just leave a comment on this post and let me know what your fall knitting plans are.  I'll use a random number generator to pick one person who will win the book and five others who will each win a Through the Loops pattern of their choice.

ETA:  Hmmmm, it might be helpful to have a deadline for this contest.  How about a week from today, 9/15 at midnight eastern time.

Make Up Socks 2

Make-Up Socks  (Pages 67-71)

Yarn:  I used Shibui Knits' Sock in color #S1395 Honey

Needles:  US1 (2.25mm)

More info on Ravelry.

Golden Dahlia 3

Golden Dahlia (Pages 156-159)

Yarn:  I used Koigu KPM in color #2100

Needles:  US1 (2.25mm)

On Ravelry.


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I love absolutely love the colors of your socks! Beautiful. You are a very talented designer. I have seen other socks from the book and each time I see a new pattern it makes me wish I already had the book.

The Golden Dahlia socks are showstoppers! Very, very beautiful. :)

My fall knitting plan is sweaters, sweaters, sweaters. :)

i love to make socks and i can't wait to see the new book..your patterns are always beautiful

Love the patterns and the colors!

I love your Make-Up Socks - it reminds me of a "Tree of Life" pattern. Besides socks, my knitting plans this fall are for 2 sweaters that I've finally spun up enough yarn to make. I hope! The Joy of Sox looks wonderful, can't wait to get a peek at it.

How can I decide between those sock patterns? I love both of them! I want to knit some Christmas gifts this fall and the socks might be a good choice for someone special!

Great socks! My fall knitting includes socks (big surprise), baby items for my BFF, and mitts. Oh, and a shawl for my mother's 60th birthday. Drat! I'd better get started on that!

What pretty socks!

Fall knitting plans: finish all in-progress sweaters in time to wear them in the cold months (for once!)!

Besides holiday knitting, I want to knit a lace weight cardigan. They are so cute! I can't wait to see the book!

Love your patterns. Love the Golden Dahlia Pattern and can't wait to try it out. My fall plans are to knit my self a first sweater and to finish and start multiple pairs of socks for the family christmas list. I would also like to learn to spin. Recently found out my mother-in-law has a spinning wheel (Ashford Original) sitting unused and unloved in her house. Have already told her i will be playing with it. Hopefully all will work out. Love your patterns. Love the Golden Dahlia Pattern and can't wait to try it out.

Both are gorgeous!!

This fall knitting plans are some Christmas knits for relatives... just not sure what they'll be yet, finish a started sweater and start another, and hopefully a few pairs of wool socks.

My fall knitting plans are practically set in stone....scarves, a sweater, a blanket & if I can squeeze it in, a poncho for my granddaughter. These socks are are tempting, though!

wow! so gorgeous + autumnal! i will be on the lookout for the book... congratulations!

Hi--love the socks. As for my knitting plans, I plan to finish things...finish the second sock, finish the end of the scarf, the sweater, the blanket...finish way to many things!

My fall knitting is all about the lace. I have something like 25 miles (MILES!) of lace-weight, and I can't seem to stop buying it!

Your socks are fabulous.

What wonderful colours for fall socks.

I plan to knit your Lavalette shawl this fall!

Congrats! So gorgeous!

My Fall knitting plans are some Fall Sweaters for me and Melody. I really want to knit a successful sweater for myself.

Beautiful! I would be honored to own that book :) My fall knitting plans are:

Mitts & Hat for my Toddler
Newborn hat & mitts for our second babe due in December :)
Starting a sweater for my hubby
And socks - lots of socks. Three sock kits to arrive this fall, and four skeins stashed waiting to be created into something divine :D

Those are fantastic - congratulations! My fall knitting plans include some special gift knitting, finishing my flyingdales sweater, and more socks.

Lovely socks, the colours look so cozy and nice.
My fall knitting will consist of quite a bit of christmas knitting and I'd like to start a new cardigan for myself, the concrete plans change all the time.

I'll be knitting socks from that book for sure!! As well as Rosamund's Cardigan.

Gorgeous! I put the book on my wish list immediately.

Fall knitting here includes finishing my current Ulmus, and knitting the 2 more for which I have purchased yarn (perhaps one will be rectangular?)

The socks are beautiful. Congratulations! What a thrill for you!
My fall plans are to finish up three sweaters and a blanket that were laid aside when summer hit. Once those are done, I have about 6 gazillion things I'd like to start!

My fall knitting plans are several scarves with matching hats for gifts, the Clasica Coat and the Central Park Hoodie. These socks are gorgeous and I foresee future winter knitting plans.

My fall knitting plans include socks, socks, and more socks! I also plan on holding back on buying yarn for a while as the stash has become unmanageable yet again.

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