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Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the "Joy of Sox" contest.  You all have some great plans for Autumn knitting.  Since today is the last full day of summer, it seems an appropriate day to announce the winners of the contest.

Oh Hai

(A cutie from the Garden State Sheep Breeder's Festival that my girls and I attended on the 13th.)

I used a random number generator to pick one grand prize winner and 5 second place winners.  I have sent emails to all of the winners, but I haven't heard back from all of you yet. Please check your spam folders.  If I haven't heard from all of the winners by Friday 9/25 I will redraw numbers to give away the remaining prizes.  Now without further ado the winners:

Grand Prize:  a copy of the new book "The Joy of Sox"
#24 Jackie Fisher (blogless)

Second place winners:  A Through the Loops pattern of their choice
# 57 LaVerna
#138 Kathode Ray Tube
#164 Ayako (blogless)
#206 Cheryl (blogless)
#213 Erika (Ravelry link)


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Kudos to you for doing your part to help end Alzheimer's.

thinking about you and your father today, k. xoxo

my FIL has alzheimer's, so i donated what little i could afford. His is complicated by an additional diagnosis of parkinson's, so while there are things the doctors would like to try, there are things they're afraid to do because of the dual diagnoses.

hugs to you

Congrats to the winners! Did you get to bring Cutie home? :)

Yeah me! Thanks Kirsten!

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