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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I have been lucky enough to have Caryl test knit a few patterns for me.  She is a very thorough test knitter and always chooses yarns that enhance my patterns.  Take this Ulmus for example (I swiped the photo from her flickr page with her permission):


Don't you just love it?  Caryl wears it with such style and the colors are gorgeous.  You'd think she'd want to keep it, but I've got good news for you.  This shawl could be yours!  Caryl is running the NYC Marathon on November 1st.  She is generously offering a chance to win this shawl and many other amazing prizes if you make a donation to her fund raising efforts for the Campaign for Female Education.  You'll find all the information you need on her blog.  Go check it out, support her and cheer her on!

Here's her project on Ravelry if you want more details on the shawl.


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Thanks so much Kirsten for promoting my run! I absolutely loved knitting Ulmus and always look forward to all your patterns.

What a beautiful shawl! I hope it raises big money!

it's very pretty!!

that is a gorgeous shawl! i do love the colors she chose. best of luck to her on the marathon :)

A lovely iteration of this pattern--fantastic!

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