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Also in the Works

A rectangular Ulmus.  I hope to have the pattern ready by early September.

Rectangular Ulmus

Yarn: BMFA Socks That Rock Light Weight in Mossay and Blue Moonstone.

Tomorrow is the Lad's 18th birthday.  How did he grow up so fast?


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Happy Birthday to him! Does it really go by that fast?

Oh looks lovely! Hurry up with the pattern please lol. Love the Ulmus I knitted, I have used it a lot.

happy birthday to anders!!!!!

The ulmus is gorgeous! Now I will have to make another one.Sigh..I already have so many of your patterns on my queue.
I know what you mean about how fast it goes.My dd #1 will be 18 in October. Happy B-day Anders!

I think time is getting faster and faster all the time! My son will soon be 18, too. I can't quite figure out how that happened. (I'm sure I'm not aging at near the same rate. . .)

18...that is a big deal! Happy birthday!!

Yea - I shall look forward to the pattern

I saw you and your daughter in NYC yesterday! 79th street. Too bashful to say hello and thanks for Thorpe!

Happy birthday to your son!

I'm quite excited about the rectangular Ulmus...I think I'll probably have more use for a rectangular piece than another triangle.

My oldest will soon be 16 and I can hardly believe it. Wow! They grow up so fast!!

Happy birthday to him! I love this rectangular Ulmus - as well as the other one too!

I can't wait for this pattern. I had recently purchased yarn to knit the original Ulmus, but now I'm going to wait for the rectangular version. I love rectangle shawls!

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