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Petite Purls

I've just returned from a trip to Sonoma and Pebble Beach with my husband where we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  Too many rounds of golf and glasses of wine later I am exhausted. 


While I'm still somewhat coherent (I only got a few hours of sleep last night so by noon I expect to be a babbling fool) I did want to write a quick post to tell you about Petite Purls.  Luckily this brainchild of Brandy and Allegra speaks for itself.  If you've got little ones to knit for you're going to love this new online knitting mag and it's darling free patterns.

I'm honored to have one of my designs in the first issue.
Charmingly modeled by the adorable Wesley, I give you Pembroke:

Pembroke 7

For more pictures and details go to Petite Purls. (And on Ravelry.)
A huge thank you to Wesley and his mom Justine for his smiles, blueberry eyes, rosy complexion and that killer red hair.  I could not have asked for a more adorable and cooperative model!


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OMG, he and it are absolutely fabulous. I don't even have a kidlet to knit for, but I am so tempted to cast on a wee vest right this very minute! Good job!

The vest is adorable! I've got some baby knitting to do so I thank you for the link to Petite Purls.

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a grand time.

I have been waiting for the launch Petite Purls. Your vest is very cute, but so is the model.

The vest would be darling anyway, but Wesley definitely sells it! I've queued it for mt own little guy. :)

happy anniversary!! woo!! Beautiful sweater. Still cannot wait for Lavalette!!

Love the vest! And I'm so happy to have a kiddo themed online magazine. Yay for Petite Purls! :)

Happy anniversary!

What a handsome baby, and a good looking vest, too!

Happy 20th anniversary! And that vest - oh, so perfect on that little punkin.

Oh, man, that is the cutest kid ever! Such a nice shot and the vest is adorable.

happy anniversary again, kirsten! i'm glad you both had such a lovely time. welcome home! pembroke is so adorable and so is wesley. i found petite purls via your flickr, and i'm very much looking forward to seeing more of it.

Wow, I follow both your blogs and Pixiepurl's, and I was pretty excited to see the new magazine had a pattern for a boy. I didn't know the pattern was yours! It's adorable.

The vest is absolutely adorable! I love how the cable in the centre turns into the neckline. Very cute!

So cute! Love the little apple cardi especially -- maybe one for all 4 of my granddaughters?

Oh, I've just queued that one for my grandson -- adorable!

The vest is adorable (and so is that model!). It looks fantastic in that colorway of DiC.

Thanks for the link to Petite Purls. I have a friend who's pregnant and I need ideas for baby knits!

Happy belated anniversary!

Congrats on your anniversary!!
Love the sweater (and the little one too.. LOVE red hair)!

I found this lovely pattern while following a trail of links - gorgeous! I would love to know the inspiration for the name. My husband works in Pembroke (Wales, UK) and we are moving there next month. What a coincidence!

oh how adorable is he! :)

The vest is adorable and our grandson looks stunning in it! Thanks. Barb and Ted Moody

Congratulations on your 20th!!! That is huge!

The vest is so adorable!

Another lovely knit. Your talent knows no bounds.

Hey congrats and happy anniversary! I hope your Kapur crew didn't do what my brother and I did when our parents went away for THEIR 20th anniversary. Let's just say that the cops were involved;)

This vest is so darn cute - and the baby is beyond darling ! I cast on right away using some cotton ease from the stash. When using the chart..do you read the RS rows from the right and the wrong side rows from the left?
Thanks for the information !

Congratulations on another really great design !!

Oh, my goodness, he is SO cute!!

Congrats on 20 yrs- Happy Anniversary!

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