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Three Already?

Through the Loops turns three this month.  It is so hard for me to believe it's been that long!  I've met so many amazing, inspiring, brilliant, generous, beautiful people through this blog.  It's impossible to imagine my life without it.  Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments.  I wish I had the time to reply to each of them.  Know that I read and cherish every one.

Carries Beret

To celebrate and say "thank you", I have designed a new beret pattern.  Narragansett is free with the purchase of any of my other patterns from now until May 15th.  When you purchase a pattern you will receive two downloads, the pattern you bought and Narragansett.

Narragansett & Tea

This beret has been on one or the other of my girls heads since I bound off.  It went to New England with us on the "Great College Hunt of '09" last week.  DD#1 models it here as she excitedly discovers that Tealuxe sells "Bubble Tea".

Narragansett & Pip

DD#2 wore Narragansett as she read "Great Expectations".  She loves to wear her berets all day long, indoors and out. 

Narragansett Slouch

Narragansett Beret

Yarn: Any light worsted weight - I used handspun

Needles:  US 5 & 8 (or size to obtain gauge)

Size:  Will fit any head 20-22" or you may work it at a tighter gauge for a smaller head

Go to my pattern store to purchase any pattern and get the download for the Narragansett pattern along with the purchase.

See the pattern on Ravelry.

Thank you again for all of your support & kind comments!


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Oh, this is so fantastic. And generous of you!

Happy Blogiversary! I hope the Great College Hunt went well!

Super cute beret!

happy blogiversary, kirsten! what a great hat :) don't tell me the DD's are already looking for colleges...not yet! you went for anders, oui? by the way, i love DD# 1's boots :)

Happy Blogiversary! I love comming here to see your beautiful designs, and photos! I'm hopeing for many more years, for my very own pleasure! :o)

happy blogiversary! and thank you for sharing your wonderful family and your beautiful designs so often.

That's a great beret! I'll have to try and decide what other pattern to purchase..

The beret is beautiful. Congratulations on 3 years. I'm so glad you're here as you've really enhance our community with your patterns and your blog.
How is the great college search going?

Super cute beret! While I was reading the blog post and looking at the pictures I was thinking, "that would look great using some handspun". Then I saw the specs and you used handspun!

Now I might have to take you up on the offer.

Happy 3 Year Blogiversary!

Happy blog day! Love the beret!

Congrats! It's nice to know you in the Bloggy way.

Here's the trouble with blogs; I had to do a double-take today as I was picking my kids up. I saw a man that look exactly like your son. Finally I determined that he was much older and in Ohio!

Happy Blogiversary!

Oy! What will you do when all your models leave home? Whatever happens I hope to be reading your blog for that far ahead in the future.

PS: Good hunting for the colleges!

Happy Blogiversary!!

Happy 3rd blogi-birthday! I hope ther are many more as you inspire me with the lovely knits.

Happy blogiversary, Kirsten!

The beret is beautiful, but what I loved most was seeing the Tealuxe sign. I grew up in RI, and went up to the Brown area a buch when I was a kid--glad to see your DDs are considering schools in the area!

Love the hat...but I seriously have to know what kind of boots your daughter is wearing...LOVE THEM!!!

Happy Bloggiversary! Great hat!
I enjoy reading your blog and your patterns are always fabulous. Thank you. =)

Happy Blogiversary! And thanks for all your hard work. You constantly inspire me with your patterns.

Happy blogiversary! You have one of my favorite blogs and I'm always in awe over your wonderful patterns!

Happy Blogiversary! It's been a pleasure getting to know you and seeing all of your beautiful patterns!

Happy Blogiversary! Love the beret!

happy blogiversary and i hope you will continue for a long time, have a nice sunday

Happy Blogiversary Kirsten :) Here's to many more great posts & photos, lovely designs, and creativity! It has been so awesome to get a little window into your world!

three! wow. i think i have been reading for almost the entire time!!
and have enjoyed every single visit!!!
happy bloiversary!!

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