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Drunk on Jelly Beans

Bunny in the Bowl

If you need to amuse yourself today make a bunny.  Christine Mantiz's pattern is fun, fast and very adapable.  I plan to make a few more in various sizes and with varying ear shapes.

Bunny Sands Tall

Bunny Head & Beans

Collapsed on Beans

You can even make him a scarf.

Bunny With Scarf

Just don't let him overindulge on jelly beans.  It's not a pretty sight.

Collapsed with Scarf

More details on Ravelry.

(All photos by DD#1 - IJK)


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He is fabulous!

Happy Easter!

I want that bunny and the Jelly Belly's. :)

Have a lovely day.

Very cute. Nice pictures too!

I love his scarf! Happy Easter.

so cute!! happy easter to you!!

He could not be cuter!!

Cute! I love his expressive face!

Those pictures are hilarious!

kirsten, he's so adorable! i also love bunneh #2. great photos from IJK!

So cute. Now I want jelly beans!

I love him! Especially his saucy scarf!

This post cracks me up. Cute!!!

Hehe, he is seriously cute. Fun pics!

Very cute! (So's the real bunny with the gorgeously dyed eggs in your previous post) Happy easter to you :)

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!I love him/her! Thanks for the link!

I love him! he is absolutely adorable and seemingly unpredictable!

This is just too cute for words. And brilliant photography :)

Too cute! That last photo cracked me up. I think we've all been there with Jelly Bellys. :)

Love your real bunny also! I didn't know you had one. He (she?) is gorgeous!

How did I miss this bunny?? He is so awesome (even if he is a sloppy drunk!)

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