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Happy Pi Day!!

Pi Day

As their father and I spread copious amounts of mulch on the gardens today, the girls walked to town to buy the ingredients for our annual Pi Day pie.  IJK, who loves to cook, got right to work baking when they returned.  This pie will be a wonderful reward for a hard day of slinging mulch.

Dorothea Hat

I've been doing a lot of knitting that I can't share on the blog, but along the way I did manage to throw in a new hat design that I can show.  I've named the hat "Dorothea" after Dorothea Lange who's moving photos from the depression are favorites of mine.  My son is working on an English project based on the "Grapes of Wrath".  As a result that era, it's music and images have been a theme in our house this week.


The pattern for Dorothea should be ready by mid week.  It is worked in worsted weight yarn from the bottom up.  You may use dpn's or circular needles for the project.

Off to check on that pie.
Happy Pi Day!


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Oooohhhhh....now I want pie! =o\

that pie looks so good! of course, now I'm drooling over what could be under the crust.

the hat is beautiful, I think my favorite part is the unique top

The pie looks like it will be delish.
The hat is beautiful.

Very pretty, and I like the color you used. It looks like a fun pattern.

At this moment, I am not sure if I like the pie or the hat more...seriously, they are both delicious!

That's a great hat! I have the perfect green yarn in the stash!

Lovely pie! And happy pi day to all of you.

Really beautiful hat. But your Dorothea Lange link doesn't work.

There must be four and twenty black birds in that pie!!
Lovely hat and delicious colour!

Oh, that hat is gorgeous!
Eagerly awaiting the pattern.

Mmmm. Pie.

I love your new hat!!! The pie is pretty darn scrumptious looking too!

Very excited for the hat, and I'm sure the pie was delish:) Hooray for walking to town!

I'm in love with that hat! and the pie!

Happy Pi Day to you! I hope your back is OK after all the mulch work. I get so sore whenever I do that. Dorothea is lovely!

ooh i want homemade pie! lovely hat!

Yay! Pies on Pi Day... Love it!

The hat is lovely!

Lovely hat!

And that pie...hmm....what's under there??? I'm so curious to know =D

Being a maths teacher this is right up my street :) Love the pie for pi day :) Looks scrummy.

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