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YIP Granola

A week or two ago Larissa Brown of Stitch Marker fame posted a recipe for granola.  I finally remembered to pick up the required oatmeal today.  I highly recommend this recipe.  It is quick and easy to make and so much more delicious than any of the store bought variety.  I made the granola exactly as Larissa wrote it, but it would be very easy to make little changes to customize it. 


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Yum, it looks tasty, and like you said, easy! Thanks for sharing. :-)

PS-Your link to the recipe leads to your flickr picture of the granola. Your link to Larissa's website gets one there easy enough, though. :-)

I fixed the link. Thanks for the heads up Renna.

This looks very delicious, and I like the bowl too. :o)

Yum is right! It looks delicious!

I just eyed up the granola at Trader Joe's but decided I wouldn't get round to finishing the packet as usual....but you've inspired me to try this!

Isn't home made granola awesome? It looks delicious - I wish I had some to put on my yogurt in the morning!

I love granola, I'll have to try this!

YUM is right! And, I love your bowl, too! I've been wanting to make granola lately so I will have to give this recipe a try. Thanks!

I made a batch of granola about 2 weeks ago and have found it so satisfying with yogurt and fruit...it is my new fav breakfast! So much better than store bought!

Yummy! Looks tasty!
And how great are your children in the band! that looks so great too. A blessing to have such gifted and creative (from whom they would have this??) children.

Super delish!

looks like the perfect, simple, adaptable granola recipe! i have been looking for one as store bought is so expensive and full of icky stuff!

Thanks for the tip - bookmarked!

Yummo! I'm I granola oving nut myself! Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, late night snack, you name it- I'll take some granola!!

Now I'm hungry...

I'm so glad you made it and like it!

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