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When Time Allows

YIP Recycled

DD#2 likes to develop new ideas on her dress form.  On Saturday night, thoughts were of paper.  The bodice is made from the New York Times, duct tape and packing tape.  The skirt shaped with carefully selected pages from Craft Magazine.(Don't worry it was an issue that we had two copies of, we'd never tear apart our back issues otherwise.) 

Alice in Wonderland, seen on one of the side panels of the skirt, is a tribute to her sister's favorite book - DD#1 has read Lewis Caroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" & "Through the Looking Glass" more times than I can count.  She has most of the poems in the books memorized.


This dress will actually fit DD#2.  The dress form is adjusted to her exact measurements.  DD#2 plans to model it, if she can figure out a good way to add fasteners.


You may remember the shoes she made last year.   This leaves me wondering if the bag to match will be next. . .


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I think a really funky back lace up would be awesome! With string, of course, the kind that they used to use in the bakery to wrap the pastry boxes.

Hey DD#2: Let's see a dress made completely of duct tape! My DD#2 loves to make things with duct tape. She's made purses and wallets but never a dress. Just think of all the colors it comes in now. Woo!

Nice job!

Or a HAT!! Oooh, I'd love to see a hat to go with that dress and those shoes (and bag).
; )

That is really fabulous. I love the creativity of your kids.

When I was your girls' age, I wanted to be a fashion designer. And I didn't have half the creativity of either one of them. I hope you will continue to keep us posted on their activities, because I can't WAIT to see what they do with their lives!

She can use hooks and eyes and put them in using duct tape. Or a zipper using duct tape, then stitch over top of the d.t. to keep the zipper in place between the layers. The good thing about d.t. is that it's very flexible and you can sew through it.

that is a really awesome dress! i'd love to see what kind of fasteners she ends up using.

Some pretty spiffy creativity going on over there! Very cool.

You totally have a designer coming up behind you! Nice job!

I LOVE how creative your kids are...it's such a reflection on what a great Mom you are!

btw...I am loving Acer!

Your kids never cease to amaze me!

I definitely want to see what type of closure she uses. I did something (vaguely) similar once, and used zip ties and toggles to keep it together.

How about simply using the tape as a closure? I think that would match the "finite style" perfectly.

Fun stuff! If I had my prom to do all over again, I would definitely do something bold and a little bit zany like that. I did make my dress, and it was unique, but you know it was so 'traditional', being made out of fabric and all... hehe...

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