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Spinning and Carding

I realized a few days ago that I haven't been the best blogger.  I have been so busy with design work that I haven't taken the time to show you other things that I've been working on. 

Whenever I need a break from knitting my wheel comes out.  It is such a relaxing and rewarding activity for me.  Often my spinning happens late at night when I don't have the energy for anything else.  If you are into spinning too, you might want to check out Neither Hip Nor Funky's Handspun February group over on Flickr.  You will find inspiration and like minded friends there.

Drum Carding

I had a few friends over to watch the inauguration.  One of them, Jennifer (blogless), was kind enough to bring along her drum carder.  She left it here for me to play with.  This, my friends, is a very addictive activity.  For a few days I could not walk past the drum carder without stopping to play.  I've been thinking of buying one for myself.  I still haven't decided - they are expensive, and do I really need something else to distract me from exercise, laundry & shoveling snow and ice?  Yeah, put that way, maybe I do.

Carded Fiber

See all of those folded over, lumpy bits.  That's probably not right, I guess I've got a lot to learn.

Carded Fiber 2

I sent this batch through the carder twice in hopes of getting a heathery effect in the finished yarn.  I could look at the batts all day.

Along with spinning and carding I've been trying to get my sorry butt into shape.  All of the knitting and designing I've been doing has led to a very sedentary girl.  That's not like me.  I've been pretty active all my life, with tennis, gardening, hiking & golf among other things (karate & gymnastics in my younger days).  Getting enough exercise has never been an issue until recently.  In the past I have taken pride in my strength.  I've realized lately how quickly that is lost for those of us past a certain age who spend too much time knitting and spinning.  It is clearly time to do something about that.  I've been pretty dedicated to my treadmill for the past few weeks.  Hopefully it will pay off. 

On the Teadmill

I'm tickled and honored that my "Lisa's and Katie's Berets" were selected as "Jess's Pick" for the month of February over on Ravelry.  Thanks Jess and Mary-Heather!

New Mitten

Of course, there are still new designs in the works.  That's my new and nameless mitten.  It's worked in Indie Dyer's Fingering - Sock-it-to-me.  The pattern and more details coming soon.


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Awright. This has to stop. You just can't keep designing things I want to knit.

The mitts are beautiful! You might be interested in Jim Karas' "The No-Cardio Diet" (it's not actually a diet book but it does discuss food too). Weight lifting is much more important than cardio, especially as you age. Not sure if there's anyway to incorporate weight lifting into knitting/spinning/designing.....

hey! congratulations on being the pick of the month :) you deserve it! and good for you for getting more active. i think i am having the same issues...i really wish i had a treadmill in the house!

The nameless mittens remind me of a spider (on the fingers) overlooking vines in a garden (on the hand). It's an intriguing imagine.

Although I don't spin, I can see why I should. The yarn from the roving will be so pretty. Your designs are worthy of many accolades! Good for you for exercising. Yes, remember the strength training!

The cuffs on those mittens are just fantastic (not to mention the beautiful colorwork!). You are so very inspiring!!

The batts are gorgeous! Don't get me all in a dither about having my own carder...please no! Love the mittens.

It's hard to keep everything in balance and find time to do it all. Especially in the winter, physical stuff for me is harder to do....I love being outside!

Love the new mitts!

I've been entertaining the idea of a carder for well over 2 years. I have yet to get one. I have combs and hand cards but I think I would get a lot more use out of a drum carder. I think your batts are pretty.

I am dying to see the yarn you spin from the batt in the first photos - I love the colors you chose.

I also really like your new mittens. I like the thumb having 2 colors - I think it would keep my thumbs warmer with the two yarns.

What pretty batts... And the mittens!!

I totally agree about the workout. I'm a sedatary person, all my interests make me sit on my bum, but I climp my cross ramp (almost) every day. I'm spinning batts right now, and I'm not liking it very much, even though there are super gorgeous colorways to be made that way. Your new mittens are gorgeous as usual. The color combo is one of my favorites. :o)

Okay if you are going to be designing new patterns, you need to design stuff for hand spuns. And yes a drum carder is expensive but oh so wroth it. I am looking at one myself. I would recommend trying out as many as you an before buying one. That is what I am doing. Need to try out the Louet.

And yes, I was told there is a learning curve.

I'm fascinated by the carding/spinning but I'm not going to pick those up. My hubby would kill me! Love the new mitts! Good for you for getting back on that treadmill. I should be doing the same. :)

(was typing and then everything was gone.. so again..)
I don't know anything about spinning but you definitly deserve a drum carder. Just spoil yourself badly! (I did a year ago by buying a new expensive camera and it was the best choice ever)

Indeed, I saw your beret on Ravelry as Jess pick. Cool! But again.. so deserved!

Love the bats and love the mittens!

You're so very talented..I've read you for a while and lurked about but you truly are one talented Lady!! I love all your mittens!!!

Ooooh! I'm really looking forward to the pattern for those mittens! I think they'll be a great way to use some of the yarn a friend sent me from Milan!

what a lovely blog you have...the carding does look addictive..would love to see a pattern for the mitts!

oh my those mittens are GORGEOUS, I HAVE to make them!! can't wait to see when they are available


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