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Busy Weekends

Blame the Patient

From time to time I've mentioned SKK & ARK's musical interests.  Over the past several years we have spent a good deal of our time going back and forth to NYC for lessons, rehearsals and performances.  It has been an amazing experience to watch them grow as performers and musicians.  Music and performance have allowed them to develop in so many other ways as well.  They have become more mature, responsible, intellectually curious and confident.  They have been exceptionally lucky to have caring, talented teachers and mentors who not only instruct them, but serve as role models.  What more could a parent wish for?

Sofie & Anders BTP

This past weekend they performed with their band "Blame the Patient" at Southpaw in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  The band was amazing.  It was obvious from their stage presence that they have reached a level of confidence that allows each member's personality to shine through.  I could not be more proud of them.

In other news, there are knit alongs starting in March for two of my patterns.  Both Breathe Deep and Dr. G's Memory Vest have been chosen to be part of the Malabrigo March KAL in the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravlery.  If you've been wanting to knit one of these patterns, head over to the group and join in.  You'll find the Breathe Deep thread here and the Dr. G's thread here.


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Wow, look at them! You must be so proud. I am so impressed. So young and so talented.

Just been listening to them on their Myspace page! They are fantastic - you are right to be so proud!

They look so professional and completely comfortable on the stage. That's so awesome!

Wow, this is so cool! This must be an amazing experience for you as a mom! Kudos to both of them for pursuing their interests - and apparently excelling at those interests!

That's so cool.

No doubt about it -- three awesome kids you've got there! I listened to a bit on Myspace. Will be back for more -- impressive stuff!

just listened to a few of their songs, your daughter has an amazing voice!!!
Well done guys! Hope you go far!

How cool was that?! Now I'm going to be humming "Subway Song," not to mention a favorite (Shining Bright) that no one seems to know. Great job!

Those Kapur-lets RULE!!

i just listened! they are AMAZING!!!!!
how stinkin cool is that?!!!

you should be so proud of all of your children. i'd love to see them perform some day!

Wow! Talented kiddo's. I clicked the myspace link. You must be proud.

They look so good up there! You have the most awesome kids.

this band rules, so awesome! just came back from their myspace page too! very awesome. you are one rockin' mama. ;-)

Wow. What talent. :) Love their Subway Song, ok well I like all of it, the kids and I are on round two listening to all their songs posted. Awesome :) how cool is it to have children with great musical abilities? Thank you for sharing!

How exciting for you! It is always such a treat to watch our children perform, especially when they are really good like yours are!

That's so cool! Southpaw is my favorite venue in the city!

Very, very cool!

Just checked out the myspace link you provided, such a good band! I love the Subway Song, you're daughter has a beautiful voice and all of the band sounds great on their instruments. Such an artistic family!!

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