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Hoping the Spinning Will Help Me Thaw

Glazing the Branches  

Ice has glazed the trees since Tuesday.  I can't get the chill out of my bones.  After nearly breaking my neck a number of times on the 1" layer of ice coating the driveway, I finally went out with the fertilizer spreader yesterday and spread salt.  Tomorrow we start all over again with an expected 6-8" snowfall.

Blue Sky and Ice

When the weather turns frigid, this girl's thoughts turn to spinning.  During some downtime over the holidays I spun three hanks of two ply yarn and knit a few late gifts from my handspun stash.

July Bounty

July Bounty
80/10/10 Merino/Cashmere/Nylon
Fiber Hand dyed by me
122 Yards

Sea Glass

Sea Glass
100% Merino
Fiber Hand dyed by me
301 Yards

Cranberry Bog

Cranberry Bog
80/20 Merino/Silk
Fiber from Cloverleaf Farms
Purchased at MDS&W
380 Yards

Cat's Handspun Scarf 4

A basic garter stitch scarf knit from fiber spun from Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino in the She's A Rainbow colorway.  I cast on 300 sts. for this one.  I didn't measure it before I gave it away, but it was longer than I am tall.

Kevin's Thorpe 3

Another Thorpe, knit from a hank of Cloverleaf Farms Merino/Silk that I spun last fall.
The recipient loved it.  It seems it is just the thing for a Brooklyn daddy who is a little lacking in the hair department to help combat the blustery NYC winds when he takes his daughter to the park.


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We are in the same boat - the 2" of ice/snow/ice hasn't moved from the driveway and we are supposed to get another 8" on Saturday!! Yay winter (not!) Garter stitch scarves are the best for showing off handspun - so cozy! Did you knit it widthwise I assume?

Whenever I can't get warm, I take a bath. And drink a lot of tea.

Great color combos! I think that I see another Thorpe in my future. Husband took to wearing the baby's last night. Hmmm?

your hand-dyeds are really gorgeous, just a nicely calming combination of blues and greens. We're just melting out of a 5 feet of snow dumping from throughout december here on the west end of the country, I hear you on the weather-induced woolies.

There's just something so mysterious and attractive about length-wise knit scarves. Yours is no exception.

I really need to break down and knit one myself.

That scarf is gorgeous and so are the yarns. You're making me want to buy more yarn.

Ahhh, but the ice sure was pretty to look at! And, as always, I am a true sucker for sea glass . . . yarn or otherwise

gorgeous colours!!

Thank you for posting the cranberry bog yarn!!! I am looking for that sort of colorway. Spinning does keep you warm. Do the girls spin?

Everything you make, spin, mother is just gorgeous! I'm so glad you have a blog! I'm sick of winter. Maine!

Oooh those hanks look so squooshy! Love the handknits done with the handspun too. Very handy. Heh. Couldn't resist.

Your new handspun - dyed by you! is simply gorgeous! I would like one of each. The scarf is a lovely way to showcase some of it - simple but wow! I made a medium Thorpe in DK and it fits my daughter's American Girl doll about perfectly. She says her other dolls head is cold now...

Stunning ice pics -- love the brilliant colors and focus. I have long admired your color sense. I just made my second handspun Thorpe (I'm "smgoldin" on Ravelry). Thanks for the neat pattern! Here's a warming up suggestion -- wash your feet in hot water before bed and you'll be toasty and happy!

"...a Brooklyn daddy who is a little lacking in the hair department to help combat the blustery NYC winds when he takes his daughter to the park."

You made my ex-husband a Thorpe?? heh heh.

I continue to be in awe of your spinning prowess:)

I have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I look forward to your spirited knitting and youthful exuberancy. I can't wait to see what you create next. Keep warm!

Love the thorpe!

I hope you're warming up! Happy New Year to you!

I love the beauty of ice covered trees, not the ice covered streets, and it's probably not good for the trees either, but they sure are pretty to look at! We had freezing rain a couple weeks ago, and the trees were simply magical to look at in the sun!

Happy knitting (and spinning!)

Your fiber dyes blew me away. The colors are breath taking. Your work is beautiful. I am following because I want to see more!

i can't believe the weather you're having! we haven't even had a bit of snow. your handspun is beautiful!!!!

Look at that ice! Wow, and here we are sweltering.

I love the cranberry skein - absolutely delicious. The name made me laugh though (here, 'bog' is slang for toilet ... not so over your way I am presuming?!)

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