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Lisa and Katie


Lisa and Katie are my sisters.  It was endless fun growing up in a family of girls (even the cats were always female).  My father said he always wanted daughters and told us that we should never let gender get in the way of our dreams.  My sisters and I played together constantly.  The oldest, Lisa, with her combined weapons of superior age and a natural disposition toward bossiness leadership, never lacked in ideas of what we should do.  Weather permitting we were outside constructing elaborate games in the fields and woods around your house.  We built tree forts & caught toads, frogs, turtles & snakes.  Katie the second born had a natural ability with animals.  The family cats always liked her best and she was genius at catching snakes. The three of us hiked the trails around our home and sipped the sweet nectar from honeysuckle plants or made daisy chains and dolls of grass.

As we grew older and moved to a new home our interests and the ways we spent our time together started to change. Being the youngest I always felt it my responsibility to tease and harass my sisters' boyfriends.  We shared clothes, secrets and a bathroom.  (Oh the horror of those early mornings as we got ready for school.) First Lisa and then Katie went off to college, started careers, got married. These days they live much too far away and I miss them.

I have named these two new beret patterns in their honor.

First I give you Lisa.  The pattern is written for either a worsted or bulky version.


Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted.


Malabrigo Chunky.


My own handspun.  (Fiber from the talented Scout.)

Now for Katie.


Indie Dyer DK Supersock Select DK.



For Lisa

Size:  One size to fit a 20-22” head.  You may adjust gauge to make this hat larger or smaller.


Yarn: Worsted Version – Lorna’s Laces Shepherd’s Worsted, 100% Superwash Merino, 225 yards/205m per skein, color Carol Green, 1 skein.
Bulky Version – Malabrigo Chunky, 100 % Merino, 104 yards/95m per 3.5 oz./99g skein, color Charrua, 1 skein *see notes*
Needles: Worsted Version – US 7/4.5mm & US 9/5.5mm (or size to obtain gauge.)
Bulky Version:  US 9/5.5mm & US 11/8mm (or size to obtain gauge.)

Tapestry Needle
8 Place Markers – Bulky Version
6 Place Markers – Worsted Version

Gauge:  24 sts=4”(10cm)

For Katie

Size:  One size to fit a 20-22” head.  You may adjust gauge to make this hat larger or smaller.


Yarn:  Indie Dyer, Supersock Select DK; 100% Superwash Merino; 340 yards/310.9 m per skein.  1 Skein.
Needles:  US 4/3.5mm & US 5/3.75mm (or size to obtain gauge).
Tapestry Needle
8 Place Markers

  24 sts=4”(10cm)

Price $6.00 US

You will receive both patterns together in one PDF.


ETA:  Oops, I forgot to mention that over on the Through the Loops Group on Ravelry there is a Hat KAL going on.  You'll find it in the thread "Let's Talk Hats".  To join in all you need to do is knit any one of my hat patterns.


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Really cute hats, both of them. Your designs are terrific. I have a Thorpe on the needles right now!

I am loving Katie!!

I love my Lisa and have been wearing it all week! Now I need a Katie to match!

These are both beautiful! I am very flattered :) I'm definitely going to have to make my namesake!

gorgeous hats! i love that you offer your patterns for multiple gauges.

I love them both. I'm sure your sisters will, too. Lucky ladies.

Your household growing up sounds quite similar to the way mine is now. I have three daughters, and I grow faint thinking about what sharing a bathroom will be like for them as teens. They share now, and it's pure mayhem when its time to get ready for bed. Toothpaste and water everywhere! I suppose a little (bath)room addition will be in order within the next few years.

they're wonderful, and I loved to read about the three of you!

Very cute!!! I bet your sisters are honored.... :)

These are so sweet -especially because you named them for your sisters!

beautiful!! i really love them both.

What great hats! I can't wait to get my hands on some appropriate yarn and give the new patterns a shot. Thanks for another great-lookin' pattern!

These are lovely. Sisters are terrific, aren't they?

Love them both!! The're gorgeous!
But for today I also wanted to say.. Merry Christmas! Enjoy these days.

So sweet! Thank you!
Happy holiday!

Happy Holidays! The hats are beautiful.

After reading this, you are swaying me to maybe have another child someday so that Melody can have a sibling.

I too have two sisters and no brothers - my darling dad used to tell everyone that it was the perfect family for him as he loved the company of women. He also had two daughters from his first marriage who he brought up from very young alone after their mum died. I miss him!
Anyway great patterns. I only just found your blog (came from someone elses favorites list) and am enjoying looking through it.

Love the berets! I was wondering a while back you made the Flounce beret and decreased different than called for on the pattern - would you mind sharing that procedure? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot.

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