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Christmas Knitting

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.
As usual things have been hectic but fun around here.

Now that most of the gifts have been given, I am free to post photos of my Christmas knitting.

First, for the music teachers, we have mittens.  Both of the patterns below are currently with test knitters and should be available shortly.

"All The Water" named for a song written and performed by DD#2's piano teacher and our good friend, Joanna.  Check out her music, Joanna is a very talented vocalist and songwriter.  She also happens to be one of the nicest people I know.  She is a pretty cool mentor/role model for my daughter.
Raveled here.

All The Water

"Breathe Deep" for DD#2's vocal teacher.  Another talented teacher who has become a good friend.  She doesn't let DD#2 get lazy or rest on her laurels, she is always pushing her to be her best.  Sarah, just had her first child on the 23rd, so these mittens will have to wait until we see her next.
Raveled here.

Breathe Deep

A pair of Dashings for my dashing son (who needs a shave).  I knit these on US 5 needles out of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed.  They were a little tight at first, but with a bit of blocking on a pair of wine bottles, they fit just fine.
Raveled here.

Dashing in a T-Shirt

And finally, a sweater for DD#1.  I went out two days in a row, with different daughter each day, and tried to get good photos of this.  Most of the time the girls just gave me attitude.  I guess that is to be expected.
Raveled here.

Mom I'm Cold!

Sorry for the lazy blogging, the Ravelry links all have the yarn details, etc.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

See you in 2009 with some mitten patterns.


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beautiful handknits! the music teachers certainly are very lucky.

Gorgeous presents! Lucky teachers to get such great gifts from you.

Those are all gorgeous! Daughters with attitude while modeling knits? I know no such thing. Ha!

Happy holidays to you!

"All the Water" is beautiful. Great color for it, too. The sweater is beautiful too! What a lovely gift for your daughter. All your gift recipients are pretty lucky!

I absolutely adore those "Breath Deep" mittens. I love the yoke sweater, too! Great gifts, all of them.

Oh, the new mittens are just wonderful! I can't wait to knit some up.

That's some really beautiful Christmas knitting!

Love the mitts - nice variety and they look super cozy! The sweater colors are a perfect combo. I love olive green with anything bright!

Everything is just beautiful! You are so talented.

All are utterly fantastic!!

Lovely knits. The mitts are beautiful!

so many great projjecta! I particularly liked the mittens, just beautiful!

Happy new year! xx Lin

The Breathe Deep mittens and the sweater is beautiful.

happy new year :)

that top shot is just GORGEOUS. you are working that camera sister!

Happy New Year- and more lovely knitting. I have visited you regularily for a couple of months.. It's time I make myself "known".

Beautiful knitting. Modeling angst? Ah those pesky fifteen year olds (I'm guessing? I have one and the look is familiar). Your daughter's teachers are very fortunate.

The "attitude" pic is priceless! :D

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