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Baby Thorpes

My daughter's vocal teacher is due to have a baby any day.  What knitter doesn't jump at the chance to make cute baby gifts?

Baby Thorpe
I decided that for a baby Thorpe a pointy, elfish top would be just right.  To do this I skipped two rounds between the increase rounds in the original instructions.  I also stopped increasing when I got to 64 stitches which seemed about right for this yarn (Rowan 4ply soft, two strands held together).

I made two, because baby Thorpes are like chips and m&m's, you can't stop at just one. The second one is in handspun.  Since the yarn was heavier I only increased to 56 stitches.

Monk in Bambino Thorpe
It has since been given a pompom & braids, but I'm too lazy to set up another photoshoot right now.  Maybe there will be modeled baby photos soon.

In other news, I am thrilled to announce that the Loopy Ewe is now carrying hard copies of my patterns!  It was an honor to have Sheri contact me and ask to sell them.  Her shop has such an amazing selection of yarns, patterns, rovings and all manner of knitting goodies.


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Cuteness deluxe!!!

those hats are so cute! i still love the monk the most :)

btw - your link to the thorpe pattern has a typo - it says "thrope.pdf"

such sweet itty bitty Thorpes!

Cute bitty Thorpes! I just picked up some good bulky yarn to whip up a few of these for Xmas.

Neat-o too about the Loopy Ewe deal. So cool to see you takin' it to the next level!!

cute! great colors in both.

I am dying from the cuteness!

Simply gorgeous! Hmmm...maybe Melody needs a baby thorpe, too,

Forgot to add Congratulations on the Loopy Ewe! Very exciting.

I love those little Baby Thorpes! And the monk, too. My mom had monk salt & pepper shakers!

Those are so cute!!!!! Congrats on the patterns - that is wonderful!

Too cute!

Congrats! I started a Baby Thorpe, but it became a Big Boy Thorpe. Wrong yarn, but great outcome.

So cute! I especially love the handspun one - the colors are so beautiful :) The pointiness is perfect for a baby.

Congratulations on having your patterns sold through The Loopy Ewe!

That is too incredibly cute! my teeth hurt from the sweetness of it.

Perfect! Also, perfectly adorable! I've been trying to decide what baby hat to knit for someone, this is absolutely the solution.The new baby's name is Zen, it looks like a Zen hat, doesn't it?

I made a Baby Thorpe last year for a friend's two year old. It was a great pattern--she loved it!

OMG, these are sa-weet!

oh boy oh boy, i've got a wee little one curled on my chest right now and am astonished that I haven't thought of adapting thorpe for his wee little head. that one is moving up the to-do list. and congratulations on the patterns!

Oh, yeah! Baby-mod Thorpes are so satisfying- they're fast, they're adorable, they're useful, and they're easy to work in lots of different yarns.

I made a baby Thorpe in grey heather Cascade 220 with a dark red edge to go with a pair of Cat Bordhi's Sky Socks, and even though the recipient was too small to really wear them at the time, he looked so cute (and made me glad that I'd finally made something for a baby). Everyone I know who will be having babies (no one so far!) will be getting one.

GASP! That baby hat is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Simply adorable! So, do you think I can hold two strands of sock yarn together to do the same thing? I just have to knit this hat!

That is such a cute hat! Congratulations on having hard copies of your patterns being sold at the Loopy Ewe! I love her site.

The top one is so sweet... great color!

Congrats on your new gig, and those Baby Thorpes are killing me!!

Absolutely adorable!!! Congrats on the new venture!!!

eeekkkk!!!! totally cute baby thorpe.
my kids wear theirs everyday. and i often think of you. thank you.

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