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Zig Zags

The kids need to leave for school in about 10 minutes.  One is still in the shower, one has only just gotten out of bed, and the third is here in the kitchen with me pointing out why her brother and sister drive her crazy and stressing about a test.  And so my day begins. 

Rather than focus on that though, we will look at pretty mitts - Zig Zag Study Hall Mitts designed by Mandy Powers to be specific.  Oh how I love this pattern.  The design is so playful and the pattern very well written.

As for the Reynolds Whiskey that I used (colors 16 and 101), don't even get me started.  This is true love.  The colors are to die for.  It's hard to tell from the photos but that's plum and orange, not Charlie-Brown-t-shirt black and orange.




Raveled Here

Don't forget to queue the pattern.


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Ooooh I like those! Very pretty!

Cute!Love the colors together.

Ahhh, very pretty! I had seen these on another blog, but only the originals. I love these colors. Every time you make anything like the mitts, you have to make a boatload of them! Your girls love your knitting, I can tell. Thanks for sharing.

More cute things to knit! I have some brown Whiskey in the stash. Must go shopping, methinks.

As a mother of two little kids, I love reading about life with teenagers. I wonder what mornings will be like in my house ten years from now!

The middle picture, where you can see the heatheriness of the plum yarn, is glorious.

Your kind words about my pattern are truly appreciated. Thanks. :)

ah yes, the first photo did remind me charlie brown! much better as plum :)

What do I spy? A slip of striped sleeve? A sliver of sublime shoulder? I know that sweater! (The mitts are great, too!)

Those are so cute. Thanks for the link!

Those are great - I love the color combo you chose.

Wonderful mitts.

Oh, how I appreciate your morning. I snickered while reading your account. My ninth grader asked what was funny. My reply, "I recognize my reflection from across the country." She gave me a "whatever" look. Such is life!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family!

These are awesome!

Kids. We've had 4 parent teacher conferences in the last 2 days. We always get great reports but the stress of making sure that they get great reports? Ack.

Love the mitts. Love. Love. Love!

GREAT mitts! I am so glad the DH does the morning kid thing here. I stay in bed out of their way until they are ready to leave...LOL

Beautiful work!

Great colours!

I love these mitts!! Thanks for the inspiration - again!:)

These sure do look lush and cosy! Love the matching nail polish too!

These are adorable! I got the Charlie Brown connection when you made it, but my first thought was of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

The plum and orange are great together, and I will indeed have to queue the pattern - lovely!

oh, god, that is so true about getting teenagers out of the house...every morning that my partner has his kids (15 and 16), I hear arguments, "come on!" "we're leaving in five minutes" and more. Getting teenagers out the door to school is like pulling teeth.

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