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As the weather turns colder, a knitter's thoughts turn to colorwork and mittens. Such is the case with this knitter at least.  I could happily make another 6 pairs of these.  Well, maybe not 6.  I'm pretty sure I'd design another pair before I got to that point.  I've already got a few new ideas bumping around with the cobwebs in my cranial cavity.

Rey Teal_Red

Since my girls won't give these two pairs up, I'll need to at least make a third pair for myself.

Rey Holding Hands

I've named the pattern "Reykjavik" for the Icelandic capital.  My son who visited Iceland last summer assures me that Reykjavik looks nothing like the ramshackle village depicted on the mittens.  Despite his protests, I am of a more romantic, bygone era, state of mind when I look at these.  Not all of us are so lucky as to be as well traveled as a certain snot-nosed 17 year old.  Some of us stay home and make sure he has clean underwear while finding ways to pay for his world travels.  Harrumph.

Rey Extended

For me, these mittens evoke burly 19th century fishermen in striped shirts.  Wooden smoke houses line the rocky coast where they sell their haul.  I'm sure the New Jersey winters that I am so fond of complaining about would be nothing to these hardy souls.

Rey Grn_Ivry


Finished Measurements:  7” (18cm) at cuff, 8” (20cm) at palm.  The overall mitten length and the thumb length are customizable.

Needles:  US 4 (3.5mm) or size to obtain gauge.  You may use DPN’s or Circulars whichever is your preference for working in the round.

Gauge:  23 stitches = 4”(10cm)

Yarn:  Knit Picks Telemark, 100% Peruvian Wool, 103 yards/94m per 50 gram ball.

Teal/Wine Mitt
Color A:  Tidepool Heather 1 ball*
Color B:  Garnet Heather 1 ball*

Ivory/Green Mitt
Color A:  Drift 1 ball*
Color B:  Pesto 1 ball*

*  Both pairs were made with only one ball of each color.  However, there was VERY little yarn left.  To play it safe you may want to have an extra ball handy – especially if you have large hands.

Price $6.00


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They are so beautiful!! I can see why the girls won't give them up.

Your son is a lucky kid!

I complain about the NYC weatehr in the Winter, too, but I grew up in New England which is waaaay colder. But the major difference is that I drove everywhere and now I get to walk everywhere and take the subway.

Colorwork and mittens sounds about right for this time of year to me, too! They look great! Wish I had time to knit mittens...

Lord have mercy these are incredible! How could I resist an Iceland inspired mitten from you, my dear??

They are beautiful! I can't keep up with your designs...they are all so wonderful

Those are fantastic!

These are wonderful. They go right to my heart - stripes! colorwork! Yay.

very nice!! i love the little houses along the mitten....

Beautiful mittens - I especially love that cuff! Another one to add to the list....

pretty, pretty! although I must say I agree with your son in that my city does not look like that at all! and it is indeed a city and not a village. but the mittens are adorable.
best wishes from Iceland

These are wonderful and your girls don't even have to fight over them. Don't you love it when kids know more than you and they let you know it over and over and over again? :)

you are amazing! i love this new pattern.....

haha, you're hilarious. silly snot-nosed 17-year-old :) love the mittens!

These look like a lot of fun to knit...love the colours you chose.....you always do amazing work Kristen!

The mittens are great! The photo shoot... even greater! You have fabulous kids!

Oh! These are fabulous! I can see why your girls won't part with them. I knew you were up to something, over there. Now, back to the Staccato Hoodie!

You are an amazing knitting machine! Kirsten, these are lovely!

Your girls are always so lucky to have such an awesome mom!

They're both (pairs) so gorgeous! I cracked up at your comment about your 'snot nosed 17yo'!

Lovely! Gorgeous mittens, gorgeous photos. I love the little houses!

I love all of your projects but this one might be my favorite. You tapped into my desire to visit Iceland and my love of the idea of cute villages. They are like Snowglobes in Mitten form. Can't wait to make them, Good Work!

these are so cute. you know, you can always call them "gloucester" if your snot-nosed son protests too much ;)

love the houses! the mitts look nice and cozy warm!

Your DBIL loves these! He wants me to make a pair in brown and green. I'll add it to the list :)

yes yes yes. love love love!

Your patterns are so tempting! They're all fabulous!

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