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Beret Madness

My daughter loves berets, and I enjoy knitting them - a perfect combination.  A few days ago I picked  up a skein of handspun that has been waiting patiently in the stash to be knit into something fabulous. 


The fiber is Scout's Swag Handpainted Merino in her amazing "Power Couples" colorway.  I asked her to dye it for me last spring and spun it within 48 hours of receiving it.  That's how gorgeous these colors are.  I couldn't keep my hands off that roving.  I intentionally kept the singles thick so that each color would stand out sharply.  I knew Power Couples had to be knit into something special that would showcase the yarn.  It was knit/crocheted and ripped many times.  Nothing seemed good enough.  Enter the beret.


The beret has been all the rage among knitters lately, and I unterstand why.  Berets are fun, whimsical & they look really good with a great hair cut.  (Have you seen Ashley in hers?  Bailey looks pretty sharp too!)  DD#2's hair was, as usual, a little unruly in these photos - the wind didn't help.  She does have two eyes, I assure you.


Another asset the beret is that they are really fun to design.  They have the advantage over the basic skull cap as there is more surface area to work with.  For this hat I had to keep things simple.  It is after all, all about the yarn.  I used a simple slipped stitch pattern that kept me interested while knitting and broke up the colors just enough.


Power Couples Beret

Pattern:  My Own
Yarn:  Handspun from Scout's Swag Handpainted Merino Roving
Colorway:  Power Couples
Needles:  US 10.5 (6.5mm)


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!!


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What beautiful yarn you made, the beret looks fab. The colours look so well patterned. I need to spin now!

WOW! That yarn is absolutely perfect for a beret!

I LOVE berets. I have 4 or 5 in my ravelry queue that I'm just ITCHING to knit up. Yarn is en-route! :)

Will we be seeing the pattern soon? Its pretty fabulous!!! =D

What a beautiful girl!

Love the handspun beret! Happy Thanksgiving!

I think I need to knit up my power couples - your beret is gorgeous!

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. she looks lovely.

I love it! Your daughter has just the amount of style to pull this off.

The yarn! The beret! The beautiful girl! Another winner! Will you share your pattern?! You know I'll ask every time! I love your work.

You're right, that yarn is gorgeous! I did see Ashley's yesterday, and was leaning toward maybe knitting one for my daughter, who just got a cute new short haircut. Now, I've definitely made up my mind.

LOVE IT! I have some handspun that would look great as that beret. If you do write it up, let me know and I'll happily test knit it for you!

HOPE for a pattern later,,,, Its a beauty .

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

That is a gorgeous yarn!

pretty hat! i love the unruly, wild hair. i wish my hair could and would do that. it's so boring and stick straight :(

Thanks for the slip stitch pattern. I cannot get enough of them. DD is a beauty. Love the handspum

It's so lovely!

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

Beautiful - hat and model! :)

Kirsten, the birds nest fabric is from here: http://www.pippijoe.com/

What a lovely use for your beautiful yarn!

I would LOVE the pattern for your beautiful beret. Im not sure if you will post it soon but if I would love to make it for my daughter for the holidays. :-)

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