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Keeping My Sanity

I have two projects for when I simply need the comfort of repetitive motion.  Both make me immeasurably happy.


Garter Shawl

The other thing that makes me immeasurably happy - Pandora Radio on my iPhone.


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I love this simple shawlette, there are so many possiblities with yarn. I have to be relaxed to be able to spin.

I too love the Pandora radio. And the iPhone in general. It's an addiction. Do you know about Simplify? It's an app that gives you access to your home computer iTunes and up to 30 other iTunes libraries. Love that too.

I really love the colors that you're spinning. They're so vibrant! The shawlette is gorgeous as well.

Happy is good and those are lovely!

Am I late to the party or has there been a recent remodel of your site...either way, I love it!

The colors you are spinning are gorgeous!!

There's nothing like a simple stitch pattern to show of gorgeous yarn is there!

oooh i love, love the colors in that fiber!

That fiber is gorgeous!

Oh I am so all over Pandora as well! I have it playing in my office and everyone congregates to listen to it:)

Sanity is good - you are working like mad for this KAL (for which I thank you very much:) And the sweater patterns - yay! So I am glad to hear you have something to help you relax whenever possible, and the spinning is gorgeous! take care!

The yarn is great! Thanks for the link on the music. Nice!

Pandora rocks! I told Matt that he MUST put speakers in every room of the house so I can listen to all this great music in whatever room I'm in.

I'm putting a spinning wheel on my Christmas list. I hope Santa is listening.

Even in simplicity, your projects are lovely! I'm loving the Pandora too! My hubby says that they are having problems with Licensing so it may go away. :(

Ooh. Seeing the spinning of others always makes me want to spin too. I think I know what I will be looking at at Rhinebeck on Saturday...fiber.

stunning spinning.

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