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It's Not ALL Socks Around Here

Acer Tegmentosum, originally uploaded by throughtheloops.

Peace Fleece, wooden buttons, topdown construction, a smidge of waist shaping, garter stitch edging.
This one is for me.
Now to finish that second sleeve.


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Lovely! I love the green on this one, as well as the construction.

Oooh that's a pretty green!

Such a cheery sweater for the gray days. Nifty buttons!

LOL! So that's why we don't see both sleeves...

I love the pattern and color choice. Is this one going to be available for us to purchase??

It's about time you knit one for YOU!

My god that's pretty green. Model, please?

Ooh, gorgeous! What an awesome sweater :)

This is beautiful! The color is gorgeous. You deserve to have something so nice to wear!

It absolutely lovely. And wearable, which is especially nice :)

Love the vertical lines in the yoke! Excellent design.

THAT is fantastic! Love it!

Oh my GAWD keep those pesky kids AWAY from that one, it is stunning, that green is killing me!

What a wonderful vibrant green. When first looked I thought it was a baby jacket!

So bonnie! I think you may have a hard time keeping that away from your girls though!

Love the colour and the buttons! Truly a jacket to disapper in the woods with.

Love the sweater, one that will probably go on my to do list. I am still eagerly waiting for the hoodie pattern. I want to make that so bad. You are bad for addictions you know. I am on my second bounce hat.

Love it! I had to look up the name and think you chose well. Will we get a chance to knit it, too?

Very nice. You have been busy, haven't you?! What pattern is that? You know you can't get away without telling us! Love it.

Great color and such an elegantly simple design. Congrats on making yourself a great treat.

Wouldn't this pattern make (be adapted to)an adorable baby sweater (what other kind is there?).

Looks great! I hope we get to see it modeled :-)

Your sweater is beautiful. You must be an amazingly fast knitter. I can hardly catch up with the mystery sock and work on a sweater at the same time.

Fantastic sweater, both shape and colour! I love the name. But are those buttons made out of maple wood? It would be fitting, no?

It's really the most fantastic shade of green. I heart it.

this is gorgeous! how do you knit so fast?!

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