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Getting Spooky

DD#1 has been on a ghoulish drawing binge.  Zombies, ghosts, goblins, witches and other creepy images adorn the pages of her sketch book.  This past weekend she decided to create one of these charming creatures in 3-D.

The design, pattern & sewing are all by DD#1.  Oh, did I mention that she claims that she can't sew?  I wonder what this means for the future of her knitting. . . 

Zombie Profile Note the brains spilling out of his head.

Zombie Wormie

He's chomping on a yummy wormy.  (Or is the wormy chomping on him?)

Zombie Black Eye

She added shadowing around his eyes and mouth.

Full Frontal Zombie

The stitching on his chest is where his heart used to be.

Hope you and all of your ghouls are ready for the spookiest of weeks!

ETA:  A few more photos with his creator now that she's home from school.

A girl, her zombie and some colorful New Jersey hills

Zombie Attack!!


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That is so freaking adorable (yet scary, too!)!!

They are really cool looking!

Wow, super creative.

That is fantastically freaky looking! I must show my kids - they'll love it!

Wow--that's very creepy and creative!

Your children have fantastic imaginations!

i love it! that little monster is adorably scary! :)

You must be thrilled to know that the talent and creativity genes are present in your children!

Oh no, she can't sew at all. ;)

That's great. He looks like a hopped (or crawled maybe) right out of Tim Burton's head.

She's brilliant!

Very creepy in a Hello Kitty kind of way...

WOW ---she sure gets A for imagination , and creativity is sure an important asset in life !

Yeah. When I say I can't sew, I mean it.

That is AWESOME. Can I borrow it? I don't have any Halloween decorations yet...

Umm....can't sew? Rubbish...she is a fabulous little seamstress!!

stinkin' cute!


That's the coolest and cutest creature. :) She's so talented!

so much talent over there.

Hah! I love him!

Also, the foliage in those last two photos is absolutely gorgeous. I really need to get out of the city.

Wah!! That is just totally freakin' awesome!!! Sending this to Tad (he may have to hit her up for ideas for his zombie screenplay!)

She could totally go into business on etsy with things like this. It is so freakin' cute (Oh...I mean....sooooo scaaary!)

Seriously. Can't sew? Pshaw. Clearly she can. And well.

Tell her the brains seal the deal (MMmmmmmm.....Brains........Spicy......)

Very well done indeed.

Phenomenal!! There is so much talent running at the 'loops' household.

Sorry I got behind on the blog reading, but I have to say I'm totally impressed with the great stuff you've been putting out there, wonderful!

Hah! How fun :)

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