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A Girl and a Camera

Yesterday started out rainy and miserable, but by the afternoon it was a spectacular fall day.  DD#1, my friend K and I had a fabulous time enjoying the beautiful weather.  DD#1 had camera rights and realized how much she loves taking photos.  Here's a sampling of some of my favorites.

Sea Urchins
All of these photos were taken at Artefact in Furlong, PA - well worth the visit if you are in the area.  Not to mention that Rita's is right next door!


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The kid has talent, what an eye!

beautiful pix!!!! thanks

You have a very talented photographer on your hands. Nice pictures!

Great photos. I do have to say that the third one reminds me of brooklyntweed's Porom hat

DD#1 has a great eye. My cousins' live in Furlong. I'll have to check out Rita's on our next visit.

I love that first one too!


Those photos are amazing! Congrats to DD #1 for taking them. I love the new title block. It looks great!

beautiful photos from DD#1! your children are so creative and talented. love the new blog layout!

Great pictures!

You have such a talented family! :) I also like the new banner a lot.

I love beautiful fall days and beautiful photos!

Love the new header too!

The new site appearance is awesome! The pictures are great. Love photography. You daughter has the "eye!"

The photos are wonderful! Such talent in your family! I love the new blog look too. So vibrant!

Someone might be asking for a camera for the winter gift-giving holidays this year...

I really like your blog re-design,K. Particularly the new banner shot. It's pretty sweet!

Wow...your daughter is VERY talented! I particularly like the picture of the sea urchins. Urchins are very near and dear to my heart. :)

Love the new design!

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