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Um, Yeah.

So, here's what I'll be doing today.

Bad Ass Knitters Don't Fear the Ends

The mornings are getting cooler.  I am nearing completion of this incarnation of the Staccato Hoodie just in time .  This one is for DD#1.  As they were all getting dressed this morning DD#2 piped in that a Staccato Hoodie would be the perfect thing to wear today.  Hey Justine, I think I'll be buying about 7 more skeins of Dream in Color tomorrow! 

It's All a Matter of Perspective
Today I will weave in ends, tomorrow I'll sew in a zipper, and tomorrow night I'll cast on for a third hoodie.  At least the stripes keep things interesting.

PS.  Yes John, I'm working on the pattern!


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I started the February Lady sweater for Hannah this morning and I'm using Dream in Color. I love this stuff!

Lucky girls! The thought of weaving in all those ends still scares me, but I like the jacket so much I might try anyway (I`m getting curious about the yarn as well). Will be fun to see it in different colour choices. Good luck! (remember the zen-like attitude ;)

that is going to be amazing! I hope they appreciate all the ends you weave in!! (though it does make for good tv knitting!)

Oooo, weaving in ends, what fun! ;o)

It does look GORGEOUS though!!! What colours!

So great - staccato hoodies for all 3! Those will be some great pictures! You deserve a medal for all those ends though ;)

I'm making a staccato hoodie for myself too! The staggering number of ends I'll have to weave in is overwhelming, but I can't wait.
You can see it here http://www.ravelry.com/projects/CurlySam/the-stripe-adventure That picture is from a while ago, now I've progressed to almost being ready to start sleeves.

omg, my heart just stopped. weaving in ends is my least favorite thing to do EVER!

Call me nutty, but I like weaving in ends. That is a wild number of ends, though, so maybe I'd change my mind after those. It will be so worth it in the end! I love the hoodie you made for your son, and this one will be just as loved, I'm sure.

I'm amazed by your color sense. That is going to be fantastic!

Ends - eurgh!

gorgeous! These colors are so inspiring!

I love the bright colors! Can I get in line? You seem to getting these babies done in a hurry! They rock!

oh yum, i love those colors!

I love this sweater... are you going to write out the pattern? :) I'd love to make one sort of like it...

Wow. Love the colors. That's a lot of end to weave in.

Kirsten, I am just catching up and am absolutely blown away with all that you are doing! I love the colorful hats...what a perfect way to usher autumn in!

Did you use the Dream in Color for the Hoodie or the Cascade, as is listed on your Ravelry page? I love this hoodie, and I want one, myself. Will we get the pattern? Or did we, already? I'll look back!

Okay, okay, I just saw the fine print! You are working on the pattern. Yea!

Whatever. I'm over it. LOL

Love those colors! I'm not crazy about weaving in ends so I spit-splice as much as possible. What lucky kiddos you have!

I would love to buy the pattern. I have a thing for hoodies and a thing for starting new projects.

I love your photography!


During my self-imposed blog break I have missed many great knits/designs and celebrations over in the the Through the Loops world! A turned 17!! Good grief, where have I been?! I hope you have adjusted! All of the knitting looks, of course, wonderful. But good grief, K; what is that business with all the ends in these photos?!

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