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Something is Amiss (a picture heavy post)

Come a Little CloserShhhhh

A Little Greedy
Don't Stretch the Knitting!! The prevailing peace and harmony of our typical American three teen household has been disrupted.
It seems someone feels left out that she doesn't have a hoodie to call her own.
Not that her siblings are rubbing it in or anything.

The Hoodie Dance
This Is NOT Fair!

Yarn purchases and promises to start knitting a third hoodie this weekend seem to have put us back on course.  The usual sibling love and respect are restored.

We Love Our Hoodies!No longer harboring fears of having her beloved hoodie torn from her shoulders, our heroine gets back to the business of rejoicing in Technicolor stripes.

Happiness is a Hoodie! 

Staccato Hoodie

Dream In Color Classy

Raveled here

Instructions from the recipient were to make it "big" and "snuggly".  This one is close to the size that I made for her brother.


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I don't usually think of teenagers as cute, but that is seriously one adorable montage!

It's spectacular. The colors are gorgeous. And the photos are so funny.

This is the cutest post! Are you sick of knitting this sweater yet?

Now you understand why I must knit matching projects? But mine are no way as close to being as cool as this! The photoshoot is awesome!

SO awesome!! And so fun!! I love your hoodies (and your super cool kids!)

You are a rockin' mom!!! Those are awesome sweaters.

Amazing sweaters!

Loved the 'story'.

This picture story was very smile inducing!! What a fun post to read/look at! The hoodies are fantabulous!

this made my day-- your kids seem pretty cool indeed.

oh my !!! I've been waiting for this post for so long. I'm not desapointed at all - now let's knit a third one ;o)

Ha! What a great post! The sweater looks fabulous and your kids are hilarious!

The hoodies are gorgeous! Nice job well done. And lovely photos of your children, I hope mine are as much fun when they are teenagers! :-)

I love these photos! Your children are quite theatrical. They make me look forward to the fun times that will be had with my future teenagers :D

The pictures and the story they tell is just too cute! Wow! You've had to weave-in a ton of ends, huh? I LOVE this pattern! I want one, myself!

The pictures are great - what a great trio of kids to cooperate with such silliness;) hee hee! The 2nd sweater is delightful too - best get crackin' on the third - good luck!

How cute! I love the pics and the staccato hoodies are a hit!

The first picture made me look twice, but it wasn't what I saw first after all. :)

Beautiful hoodies!

Fabulous sweaters, and gorgeous kids - at what age do they co-operate with photo shoots?

This is a great post! Your kids are such good sports and totally adorable!

that is great!!! your kids are the most animated models!!! :)

Your so lucky - I have to force my kids to be models! Beautiful hoodies - can't wait to see the 3rd!

Wow....Kirsten this is a GREAT sweater! I have a few kids here who would love these hoodies too. Hmmmmm.......

Those photos are hilarious! What a great hoodie...I love the colors.

ack I thought she was giving the finger in the first one heheh till I did a double take!!
Love it! Can't wait to see the final one!

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