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Joni's Done

I named this hat Joni because I was thinking of Joni Mitchell's album "Blue" as I knit.  There's always a soundtrack in my head, and Joni was up in the rotation.




The crown is a little bumpy-loose.   I'm thinking about ripping back to the colorwork area and switching to smaller needles.  My stranded gauge is always a little tighter than plain stockinette.

I'll be taking my notes and writing the pattern for this hat.  The only problem is I'm not sure what the yarn is.  I'm reasonably certain it is Rowan 4-ply.  But it's been in the stash for 3-4 years and the ball bands are long lost.  I don't think these colors are available anymore.  I've done some searching and the new colors are much dustier.


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I love this hat! Your daughter is glamorous as always!

It's great that hats are popular in your household - but it's really obvious why!

The hat is beautiful. I like the crown the way it is, actually..

Oh Miss High School is working it, isn't she?

It's gorgeous! I hope you do write up the pattern.

yep. both are gorgeous!

beautiful! and i agree with the other commenter-- i like the bumpiness of the crown... it's got a nice, easy feel...

i love the colors!

Love hat. The color is so right for Joni's Blue.

what a great hat! i love the combination of the herringbone colorwork and the stripes!

Wow, I just love those brilliant blues. What a great hat!

Gorgeous hat! And such a beautiful daughter. Frankly, I love seeing her modeling your creations. As a mom to three grown girls, all I can think about is the joy you must feel having your daughter as your model and having the photos as keepsakes. I dunno. I'm in a nostalgic mood today but seeing your daughter on your pages each day really warms my heart. You are blessed............

it's a beautiful hat! i love teh colors you chose.

What a beautiful hat! As always, your daughter is too. The stranding work is wonderful - I need to do more so that mine gets better at not being so wonky tight in places.

gosh, it is stunningly beautiful! i love the waves!

If it is Rowan 4 ply cotton I think the brighter blue is Cobalt (shade #108) and the darker one probably Night Sky (Shade # 115). They are cica 1998 colours.
Hope that you do write up the pattern for sale - just love the stranding work.

I never get tired of seeing your hats!

Gorgeous - er, blue-tiful! You just don't knit ugly, not ever:)

Wow, what an awesome hat!!! I just love the zigzag! Isn't Rowan 4-ply a fingering weight yarn? This looks like a great project for using up some sock yarn stash...

Its a beauty, such a lovely blue!

So lovely!!

great hat and lovely to name a hat after joni. your children are stunning models. love it.

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