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Mystery Sock

In honor of Socktoberfest, I will be hosting a "mystery" sock knitalong in the Through the Loops group on Raverly. 

Mystery SockStarting tomorrow, I will post new instructions for the sock pattern each Wednesday through the month of October.  If you are on Ravlery and would like to join in you will find more information here.


Wow!  Thanks for all of the nice comments about the Staccato Hoodie.  I picked up the last skein of Dream in Color for the third child's hoodie, so it's time to cast on. 

A lot of you have asked about the pattern, it is in the works.  I've decided to do it in a large range of sizes, from children's XXS to adult XXL.   I just need to finish tweaking the numbers.

Meanwhile, a little something I finished a week ago.  It's been worn non-stop since I cast off, and so needed to be blocked a second time before we could take photos.  I guess that speaks well for Cheryl Niamath's pattern.   It's very versatile, and highly wearable.   Without further ado, I give you Wisp.

Wisp 4 Wisp 6 Wisp 8 Wisp 5 Pattern:  Wisp by Chery Niamath, Knitty Summer 2007
Yarn:  The Plucky Knitter, Single Ply Merino Handpainted Fingering Weight

On Raverly here.

Something is Amiss (a picture heavy post)

Come a Little CloserShhhhh

A Little Greedy
Don't Stretch the Knitting!! The prevailing peace and harmony of our typical American three teen household has been disrupted.
It seems someone feels left out that she doesn't have a hoodie to call her own.
Not that her siblings are rubbing it in or anything.

The Hoodie Dance
This Is NOT Fair!

Yarn purchases and promises to start knitting a third hoodie this weekend seem to have put us back on course.  The usual sibling love and respect are restored.

We Love Our Hoodies!No longer harboring fears of having her beloved hoodie torn from her shoulders, our heroine gets back to the business of rejoicing in Technicolor stripes.

Happiness is a Hoodie! 

Staccato Hoodie

Dream In Color Classy

Raveled here

Instructions from the recipient were to make it "big" and "snuggly".  This one is close to the size that I made for her brother.

Bounce is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

This hat is SQUISHY!  Mmmmmmmmm.

Bounce 1

Between the brioche rib and the Andy's Merino yarn it is just the thing to comfort a daughter who is not feeling her best.

Bounce 2
Pattern:  Bounce by John Brinegar
Yarn:  Farmhouse Yarns Andy's Merino purchased at Purl Soho
Needles:  US 10 & 10.5

Mods:  I worked the brioche rib all the way through the crown decreases.  The pattern calls for sockinette in the crown area.  The downside of working the decreases in the rib is that there are four very pronounced points on the top of the hat.  (Despite a nasty cold, the model did a bit of work creatively smooshing the hat to get the photos to look their best.)  I'm hoping blocking will help make the points a little less prominent, otherwise I'll have to rip and rework the crown.

Ravlery link

Bounce 3

Crispianna started a Through The Loops group on Ravelry.  The plan is to have it as a place to show off your finished Through The Loops projects, have discussions of patterns, get questions answered, find updates on new patterns in the works, join knit alongs, etc.  If you are interested in joining you will find it here.  Thanks!


Joni Back

I love knitting hats.  Their size makes them perfect stash busters as well as being portable projects that travel from work, to errands, to carpools, to waiting in line at the bank with equal ease.  Hats are also an excellent way to play with color and try out new knitting skills that might be intimidating in larger projects. 

Joni is worked using a number of color-work techniques.  The herringbone section is created with traditional stranding.  Slipped stitches are used on the vertically striped bands that flank the herringbone and the crown is adorned with classic stripes.  Have fun experimenting with color & yarn texture on this hat.  Your imagination is your only limit.

Joni Fin

Needles:  US size 4 (3.5mm) or size to obtain gauge.
Tapestry needle
Place markers

Blue Version
Color A:  Karabella Aurora 4; 100% Merino; 197 yards (180m)/ 50g. skein, color #17,  1 Skein.
Color B: Karabella Aurora 4; 100% Merino; 197 yards (180m)/ 50g. skein, color #13,  1 Skein.

Purple/Orange Version
Color A:  Colinette Jitterbug;  100% Merino; 317 yards (291m)/110g. skein, color # 116 Velvet Plum.
Color B:  Colinette Jitterbug; 100% Merino; 317 yards (291m)/110g. skein, color # 164 Ginger Cinnabar.


For Blue Hat (Size M/L) 26 stitches = 4”(10cm) in stranded pattern.
For Purple/Orange Hat (Size S/M) 30 stitches = 4”(10cm) in stranded pattern.

Finished Size: 
S/M  (Purple/Orange Hat) 18” at brim.
M/L (Blue Hat) 20” at brim. 
Note that the two sizes are worked at different gauges.  (See gauge above.)

You'll find Joni here on Raverly.

$6.00 US

Um, Yeah.

So, here's what I'll be doing today.

Bad Ass Knitters Don't Fear the Ends

The mornings are getting cooler.  I am nearing completion of this incarnation of the Staccato Hoodie just in time .  This one is for DD#1.  As they were all getting dressed this morning DD#2 piped in that a Staccato Hoodie would be the perfect thing to wear today.  Hey Justine, I think I'll be buying about 7 more skeins of Dream in Color tomorrow! 

It's All a Matter of Perspective
Today I will weave in ends, tomorrow I'll sew in a zipper, and tomorrow night I'll cast on for a third hoodie.  At least the stripes keep things interesting.

PS.  Yes John, I'm working on the pattern!

Joni Tries On a New Yarn

I knit a second Joni hat this week.  I wanted to work out the crown decreases.  For this second hat I used Jitterbug.  I like the hat in sock yarn.  The stitches are nice and crisp and I haven't even blocked it yet.  As we all know there are so many great choices in sock yarn, so it will be fun choosing color combos to knit this hat.  I want to make one in something tweedy next.  I'll have to take a peek int he stash.

Joni2I've sent the pattern to a some kind test knitters.  Once they're done I'll offer it here.

Joni Back I discovered that the yarn I used for the blue version of Joni was Karabella Aurora 4.  It's a little heavier than fingering.  More like a sport weight, so I've written the pattern for both yarns.  This worked out well.  With the same stitch count, the fingering turned out to be a S/M and the sport a M/L.  Both hats fit the heads in my house.  One is just a little looser.

Joni Close
Pattern:  Joni - to be released soon.
Yarn:  Colinette Jitterbug - Ginger Cinnabar & Velvet Plum
Needles:  US 4
Raveled Here

Dancing in her Joni

Typepad finally upgraded me to the new version.  Call me a heretic, but I like it.



Sikkim is named for the Noble or Sikkim Rhubarb of the Himalaya Mountains*.   Its patterning and color are reminiscent of the growth pattern of this bold plant. Although this hat is more appropriate for strolling down urban streets than hiking in the Himalayas, it will dress your head in style.

There is no time to get bored while knitting the vibrant Sikkim.  The colors and the patterns change so frequently that even at a gauge of 7 stitches to the inch, this hat seems to fly off the needles.

Sikkim is worked from the bottom up, using two circular needles. For a clear description of knitting on two circular needles, I refer you to Cat Bordhi’s groundbreaking book, “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles” (2001 Passing Paws Press).  The techniques in this book, although described for knitting socks, may be applied to hats, sleeves or any other narrow tube where double pointed needles might be used.



Finished Size:  19” circumference at ribbing, relaxed

Gauge: 28 stitches = 4” (10cm) in stockinette stitch on larger needles.

Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed Sock Yarn; 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon; 231 yards/50 g. ball; 1 ball each color or Grasshopper, Timber & Bordeaux.

Two pairs US size 3 (2.25mm) circulars 24” or size to obtain gauge.
Two pairs US size 1 (3.25mm) circulars 24” or needles two US sizes or 1mm smaller than needles used for gauge.
Tapestry needle.
Place markers.


Price $6.00 US

*  Thanks to Ashley for the name!

Joni's Done

I named this hat Joni because I was thinking of Joni Mitchell's album "Blue" as I knit.  There's always a soundtrack in my head, and Joni was up in the rotation.




The crown is a little bumpy-loose.   I'm thinking about ripping back to the colorwork area and switching to smaller needles.  My stranded gauge is always a little tighter than plain stockinette.

I'll be taking my notes and writing the pattern for this hat.  The only problem is I'm not sure what the yarn is.  I'm reasonably certain it is Rowan 4-ply.  But it's been in the stash for 3-4 years and the ball bands are long lost.  I don't think these colors are available anymore.  I've done some searching and the new colors are much dustier.

First Day of School Blues

Nah, not that kind of blues. 

These are the kind I'm talking about.


I can't seem to stop with the hats.  Every fall I have this problem.  It's not like they don't get used.  Every day my kids wear hats.   Even most days in the summer.  Then there's the fact that they are the perfect vehicle to play with color, pattern, texture.  Not mention the added bonus of being very portable projects.


As of today I officially have three high school students.  Sheesh.  I'm not old enough for that already. 

Am I?