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First Day of School Blues

Nah, not that kind of blues. 

These are the kind I'm talking about.


I can't seem to stop with the hats.  Every fall I have this problem.  It's not like they don't get used.  Every day my kids wear hats.   Even most days in the summer.  Then there's the fact that they are the perfect vehicle to play with color, pattern, texture.  Not mention the added bonus of being very portable projects.


As of today I officially have three high school students.  Sheesh.  I'm not old enough for that already. 

Am I?


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I love the colors!

The hat is beautiful. And don't even talk to me about feeling old - I get it! I'm the mother of a 16 year old and I'm definitely not old enough for THAT!

Beautiful blues! They do grow up all too fast, sigh.

Just wait 'til only one is in high school and the other two are in college. That's depressing me (mostly the cost!). I think I need to knit more.

love the colorwork and the colors you picked! You are only as old as you feel!

Hang onto these years with all you've got, 'cause before you can blink an eye, they'll all be in college. Yikes!

Love the colors on that hat.

No, you are not nearly old enough. It's the twins. It's their fault that you have two more kids in high school. Clearly, they owe you. ;^)

Never old enough.

I want one! lol

Can I be your kid? Just to get a hat?

Those are the best kinds of blues to have. Gosh I'm a sucker for that color!

We're never old enough for high school age kids . . . no matter what they tell us. Enjoy!

What a gorgeous and vibrant hat! 3 highschool students?? Where does the time go?

What beautiful stranding work you do! Can't wait to see this hat finished and modeled!

It's lovely! What's the pattern?

The blues together are amazing as per your norm. Well, since you were a child bride, having 3 high schoolers only makes you like 30, right?

Those blues are so beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished hat!

Beautiful blues and the inside is just as lovely as the outside. Gorgeous!

Gorgeous colors. What's the pattern?

The aqua goes just perfectly with the Royal blue! Is the pattern one of your own?

Yea, hats! Love those colors. I hope we're close to a pattern release!! What are those gorgeous colors?!

I love the blues and the back of your colourwork is perfect!

Gee, and I thought I was old when I realized that "on this day, 25 years ago" I was starting Kindergarten..."this day" being, of course, 3 days ago when my oldest started Kindergarten. I'm still teary eyed (and officially hating the pick-up line at his school!

Anywho -- LOVE the colorwork -- makes you want to wear it inside out, doesn't it?!

DD's are freshmen?! yikes! the hat looks great so far.

it really is impossible to believe how time flies.
i LOVE these blues.....

Those are some terrific blues and I love them together!

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