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The Trouble Was the Exposure Bias

I had a chat with a friend today who was very, very helpful about my fledgling photography skills.  I've been having quite a bit of trouble with reds.  They would flare out and overwhelm the entire photo.  It turns out there is something called "exposure bias" and mine was way off. 


I've still got a lot to learn, but after a 15 minute conversation I have a really good idea where to get the information I'm looking for.  Yay!  Thanks J!


I'll be buying a new camera soon - very soon, I hope - so I also got some valuable advice about what equipment might be good to start out with.


Kersti Stripe Scarf (a very unoriginal name, I know - if you've got a better suggestion I'm all ears)

Yarn:  Koigu Kersti one skein each of K1100 & K4387  (sale bin at Purl!!!)

Finished Size:  3.5"x55"

Pattern:  Cast on 250 sts.  Work two rows of each color in garter stitch.  Repeat until you reach your desired width or run out of yarn.

Raveled here.

On October 3rd Mel is participating in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk in Washington DC.  She'll be walking in memory of her mother.  You can help Mel reach her fund-raising goal and be entered in a contest to win some goodies.


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You are so welcome. This looks a LOT better. Now don't blame me when your eyes go crossed from studying everyone's EXIF data! I can't wait for your new toy.

Oh, I still haven't written yet.....but getting close!

Very pretty! Which camera are you thinking of getting? I want to replace my poopy point and shoot but I need help choosing a less poopy replacement!

I'm thinking I should read my camera instruction manual and learn a little more now :) The scarf is fantastic! The colors are great and I'm sure you and the girls will share it during the winter months!

It's great when something clicks - hope the camera advice helps a lot!

these shots are very interesting-so is the scarf!!lovin it...

The scarf is wonderful! I wish I knew more about taking pictures too. I'm so envious of some people's skills!

I have very little photography knowledge/skills, and the red/orange thing impresses me to no end. I hope that you get your new toy soon, can't wait to see what you do with it.

The scarf is really pretty! It looks great on your sweetheart. She can model anything. I would love to know more about the exposure bias thing. Where is your source for more information? Also, remember the scarf you made last year that was knit in a similar way? Is this the same pattern? I love it!

Simple and stunning, as usual:)

exposure bias - never heard of that. I'm going to see if it's on my camera too.

I think your photos are always stunning!

very simple and pretty. I love stripes....

Lovely colours in the scarf, I have never heard of colour bias!

Beautifully done!

Tell me more about how to get those reds right. :)

Simple scarf, but simply elegant as well.

I've got a similar problem with photographing purple, so it's interesting to hear what might be behind these issues. Your photos look great!

Beautiful scarf, I love the colors and the simplicity. Garter stripes are very fun (and learning about photos and settings is very much fun too!)

Thank you for the plug - I so appreciate it.

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