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Robots in the Rain

DD#2 has been spending some of her free summer days sewing.
On a trip to Purl Patchwork last week she picked up a yard of adorable robot fabric.  (Between you & me it was also the same day I let her take the subway alone for the first time.  It was a route she knows well - E train; 42nd Street to Spring Street.  Hey, Purl was about to close.  If I'd gone all the way uptown to get her we wouldn't have made it.)



She made her own bias binding using one of these nifty gadgets that we got at Purl last winter.  If you sew, I highly recommend one.  So much fun - so much potential & making bias tape is such a pain in the arse otherwise.




Robot Shorts - By DD#2

Fabric:  Kokka Fabrics Robot Line, colorway Red HA3320-24B purchased from Purl Patchwork
Pattern:  New Look #6785
Mods:  The pattern doesn't have a shorts view.  She shortened the pants to get the look she was after.  She added the bias tape.  The pattern calls for a folded edge with twill tape on the inside.  She also put the zipper in the back.  In my experience side zips along a curved hip edge tend to ruin the line of the garment.

Does modeling finished objects in a swimming pool & with umbrellas count as "Water" for Project Spectrum? 


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Nice job on the shorts - keep up the sewing!

The gumboots are cute too :)

She did a great job on those shorts! Isn't bias tape fun? :D

Excellent job on those shorts and I really love the boots, too!


Your girls never cease to amaze me! They're so crafty and so good at it! I hope someday they'll become bloggers like their mom ;)

The shorts are just awesome! I'm jealous!

The robots are seriously killing me!

She's too cute! The creativity oozes out of her!

What a great photo shoot - definitely a good water contribution! The shorts are awesome, love that you are raising up a craft gal!

She did a really fabulous job with those shorts...I'm envious!

Very cute! What a talented daughter you have.

Those are totally adorable - especially with the boots and umbrella! Such a talented and cute girl!

She's a stunner - and a talented one at that! :)

Totally cute shorts! Obviously the creative talent runs in the genes. I am not a regular commenter but I greatly admire your work and have nominated you for an award on my blog. Thanks for being so inspiring.

wild applause on the shorts!!!! Great job! Keep it up-------

And great job on the solo journey as well!

wow you have got some beautiful and talented children! and yes, i hate bias tape. i need one of those gadgets...

Yes it counts!

The robots are genius - I'm pretty sure I've seen that fabric turned into a bag somewhere... Ah, yes, here: http://www.littlegreenbees.co.uk/?p=29

Not sure if it's the same one, but it's definitley similar.

I love the wellies - they're awesome!

You have the cutest little model!

Fantastic shorts - and great boots, too!

Cute shorts!

What great shorts and great shots of the shorts!!

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