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Lazy Days of Summer

Before I begin, I'd like to thank you all for your kind response to my Genmaicha mitts.


Since I am not one to pass on sweet treats, it was preordained that I'd place an order for these cookies.  I'd followed the link in Scout's post earlier this week.  There was a flavor called "Leah Rosie's Chocolate Pepper Chile Cookies" and we  just had to try them.  My girls never bake a batch of brownies without throwing in a bit of cayenne, so these were sure to be a hit.  They did not disappoint.  Two bags were ordered.  One is left.  The mail only arrived an hour or so ago.  Nuff said.   


My son left over a week ago.   The Lucky Little Brat (aka LLB) is in Iceland.  Off he went with his guitar, a Turn a Square Hat, and his Wildly Staccato Hoodie.  We finally heard from him yesterday.  He's having an amazing time and says "i suppose its hard to climb a glacier and not have your world view altered".  The program he is on is run by National Geographic.  The kids are traveling around Iceland, exploring the natural wonders of this spectacular country and learning about global warming.  All the while they are making a documentary film of their trip.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned that he's really into film making.  His dream job would be to travel around the world, exploring cultures, languages and music while making films about them.  You can see why this might be the ideal trip for him.  Oh yeah, and have I mentioned his obsession with Bjork?  Yup, pretty much his dream trip.  Too bad Bjork is on tour.


Since the Wildly Staccato Hoodie is off in the north, I we DD#1 decided that it was high time I make another.  This one has been even more fun to knit than the first.  I think it's the Dream in Color Classy that I'm using.  How can one not love knitting with this yarn?  The fact that I am working with seven of their sublime colors makes it seven times better.  Hard to put down really.  The body will be finished today, only a week after I started. (That's with my sister's family's visit.  The girls and I spent four days playing NYC tour guides to  6 boys and girls ranging in age from 8 to 49.  A great time was had by all, the forty-nine year old was seduced by the food and wine, the 12 year old twins loved Soho & the 8 year old particularly liked the subway.)  Next it's on to the sleeves.  A pattern for this sweater is also in the works.


Since there were mittens in June, why not a pair in July? 


The plan for August is to complete the trifecta by finally making a mate for this.  The first has only been waiting for it's partner for TWO years!


The Mittens of July were knit from Farmhouse Yarns, Andy's Merino to match the One Day Beret.  No pattern,I  just knit a pair of mittens and alternated two colors of yarn, every round.


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Oh my! He is an LLB. Can't wait to knit my Genmaicha-cha-cha's. ;-)

You've been busy! It's wonderful that your son is having such a great experience.

Huzzah for your son getting to explore the world! Neither of you will ever regret it.

and I am anxiously awaiting the release of your hoodie pattern. Ever since debuting the one you made your son, MY son has been bugging the ever loving crud outta me.. "can you make it yet mom, can you just wing it and see if it works?" I love that you are doing the feminine hoodie in DIC cause the subtle shading is just beautiful.

And i can't end this comment without sayin how imaginative and creative your daughters modeling of those mittens were!? Modeling made of awesome, i tell ya.

After seeing the hoodie-in-progress, I have decided to make an afghan with DIC. Luscious stuff!

Are there going to be pics posted showing the LLB and his crew in action over in Iceland?

Hope is right, the model is truly creative. Her DU (my DH) is convinced she could be a professional model if she wanted to be.

So, have you signed up for the Ravelympics yet????

I love the hoodie, glad to hear that the pattern is in the works! That means I have to start motivating myself for such a big job (and more important: for weaving in all the ends...)

Could you adopt me? Sigh. . . .Exploring Iceland, handmade knits, New York sightseeing, cayenne brownies. It's a dream come true!! P.S. I'm 55.

Lucky kid!My oldest wants to travel the world as a journalist.Mom isn't too sure about it.But I know she will be fine.Great looking sweater.And mittens!
I'll have to snag some of those cookies next time I am in Albq.

You and your kiddies rock! That is all ;0)

That sounds like a dream trip for a lot of people! I would like to go there for almost all the same reasons like your son! Your knitting is so colorful and lovely.

Love those dream In Colour shades! I only recently tried this yarn and obviously fell in love instantly!
I've stopped at Iceland airport many times but never had the chance to explore....I bet your son is seeing some amazing stuff...ask him if he met any Gudruns when he was there (it's supposed to be a very common name there)!

Wow, what an amazing experience for your son!

I always put a little cayenne in my chocolate goodies. The rest of my family think it is crazy but it's *so* good.

I love those mittens, too.

I think your son and I would get along famously. Bjork is all ya had ta say. And - I'm just popping my head in to say that I'M STILL WAITING for that hoodie pattern. Jeez. :)

I toldja they were good!!! Thanks for blogging about them. I know they will appreciate it!

And how cool is that about your son? Mama? You've done such a kick-ass job with them there kiddos. I hope you know that.

I too feel the Bjork love.

I am crazy about those sweater colors you're using. Nice job.

Those cookies sound yummy. Chocolat + cayenne is usually pretty good. I had some awesome chocolate gelato sprinkled with cayenne once. Obviously it has embedded itself in my culinary memory.

My admiration of your kids and their fabu activities is well-documented! But now that I know that Mister Man is in to Bjork well that just sort of seals the deal for me:)

AWWW what fun photo shots with your daughter. Cute shorts and mits!

Just the name of the cookies is enough to make me laugh a little. And the mitten photos? Thankfully no coffee nearby to snort through the nose.

Congrats to the LLB! How cool is that?!

oooh - iceland - how neat!!! the cookies look very good. i'll have to check them out! i'm always up for new and different sweet snacks!

Great mitts! I'm so jealous of the LLB!

wow, what an amazing trip! i am beyond jealous. great mittens as usual!

I've been dying to knit this sweater ever since I saw the first...the second is further enticing me. Get it on your pattern store quick. I can't wait to start
(Also mention which colors you used with Dream in Color - I'd love to get your details on that one)

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