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I Must Descend from Peasants. . .

Lunch, originally uploaded by throughtheloops.

. . .because this is my favorite lunch.  Add a hearty slice of well made bread and I am in heaven.

I picked up the massive heirloom tomato and sliver of cheese at the Union Square Green Market this morning.  Then I walked the 50 or so blocks home, weaving my sweaty way past office workers in prim suits and tourists in brightly colored shorts and t shirts.  A perfect start to my day.   Now I count the minutes until lunch.

I NEVER talk politics or religion on this blog.  I have no problem when others do it on their blogs, but I feel that for me that is not what Through The Loops is about.  I simply choose to blog about what brings us together and avoid the things that drive us apart.  However, I will make an exception today.

"None of us are free until ALL of us are free"
Today marks the start of the Summer Olympic Games.  It is important to keep in mind the situation in Tibet.  In support of those who struggle for their freedom, Beverly at PoMo Golightly is having a contest.  You can win some pretty nice yarn from Pippi KneeSocks.  So go check it out.  Enjoy your day.


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Thanks for joining our Free Tibet Awareness contest! xx

That looks positively delicious! I love fresh tomatoes on sandwiches. My grandmother use to make homemade apple butter and my mother would make us kids homemade bread and smother it in apple butter. That was the ultimate summer time snack.

That cheese looks absolutely delicious!

Nothing so good as simple, excellent food.

I'm having a real problem with this Olympics because of Tibet, and because of the Chinese people who have been displaced, discarded, to make room for these Games. I don't want to watch the Games on tv. Whenever I see any hype I feel ill. I'm pleased that the Canadian Broadcasting Company is not ignoring the politics and the human tragedy behind all of it.

That looks like the Best Lunch Ever! I could live on cheese and bread alone! And tomato sandwiches, of course. =)

As for the Olympics...well...they're just not what they used to be. I remember when I was a kid they were a HUGE deal (and I am not that old!) and they really seemed to inspire everyone (well, most people) to put their best foot forward. Now...not so much.

Thanks for going against your grain and discussing a religious/political matter!

One world
One dream


I want to come join you for lunch!

I agree with you - I'd rather talk about things that unifies us and your stance on Tibet.

That cheese looks really, really good.

I too am glad you posted about a free Tibet and a restricted China--let us also wish for a freedom for the millions of underground churches in China that must have religious books smuggled into the country as it strictly censors preachers and content. Including a Government that restricts your ability to make choices about the size of your family and how you may support them! No one is really free in China unless you conform.

Oh!Just give me the tomato and a salt shaker and I would be happy.Can't wait til my mom's tomatoes are done.I plan on stiing in the garden and eating them.dirt and all.

The best lunches that I have ever had - EVER - have been purchased in a market and then eaten in a park. The girls and I frequently did that in England and enjoyed every morsel of cheese, bread, berry, and apple. What kind of cheese if you don't mind? I'm a sucker for a good slice of anything.

Thank you so much for the post today. I am boycotting the Olympics, myself. I just can't partake in the festivities with the circumstances in Tibet. I'm all for the athletes, but the whole concept of the millions of dollars that have been spent for these Olympics with the horrible conditions in Tibet, is more than I can deal with, personally. I love the yarn, the quotes, the contest. Oh, and I adore the tomatoes and cheese. One of the best lunches I ever had, was in the car: Zabar's (of New York) sundried tomatoes, cheese, bread, fruit. We (husband)were driving to Glacier National Park. I don't remember where we came across the tomatoes. The best lunch, ever!

I was at Union Square Thursday night; I sat and listened to the Tibetans for a while. I see them every weekend in front of the Chinese Embassy (I ride my bike along the Hudson). Hard for me to feel enthusiastic about the Olympics given China's atrocious Human Rights record.
On a lighter note, we have a smallish Greenmarket uptown every Thursday and Sunday - nothing like the freshest food to whet the appetite!

Thanks for your post! My husband is Tibetan, and the Olympics have been an important focus for us this year. Every little seed planted to spread awareness matters so much.

I also love your blog and patterns in general!

My mouth is watering. That looks delicious.

sometimes it's important to speak out...and I would indulge in that lunch daily,also...

Your lunch is yummy! I am boycotting the Olympics myself, which is difficult because my husband is a huge Olympics fan...

Looks like a delicious lunch! I'm convinced I'm descended from nut and berry eating scavengers. I could live on them.

I have to say that while I deplore what is happening in Tibet, I don't see how boycotting the Olympics will help. When one thinks of boycotting something because it is from China, one should check out labels on items purchased to see where they are manufactured. Many items are made in China, or parts of the items are made in China. It seems to me there is a double standard when persons advocate boycotting the Olympics because of the situation in Tibet, but don't recognize we as consumers support and continue to support China by our purchases.

The spirit of the Olympics is meant to transcend politics. It's a shame that people are using the Olympics for political grandstanding.

I deplore China's politics and have done volunteer work in China, so I think I know enough firsthand to speak out on it. But I would never use the Olympics to try to leverage my agenda. There are other, better ways to do that.

You're not hurting China. You're hurting the athletes.

I miss the Union Square Market. After commuting from NY for 2+ years, I don't miss much about The City. But those cheese folks from northern New Jersey....mmmmmmm.....

That is a gorgeous heirloom. I miss home grown tomatoes.

Stop making me drool! I'm also a huge fan of good cheese, good tomatoes, and good bread. (Imagine the Homer Simpsons drooling noise right now...)

I'm a lover of peasant food, too.

Thanks for reminding us of the problems that also surround the Olympics. I think it's important to remember what's happening in other parts of the world.

mmm- that has to be one of my favorite combinations - cheese, bread and tomatoes. Can't get any better.

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