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Wheels of Another Kind

When you walk into Angelfire Studios you are greeted by yarn.  Lots and lots of beautiful, glorious yarn.


It is so easy to get distracted and wallow in all of that fibery goodness for a long, long time.  But don't stop there.  Go  a little further.  Go ahead.  Just behind that table.  What's this?


What are they doing back there? 


Do they know how risky this is?


Mud in a yarn shop!?!


But you know you want to get your hands dirty too.


Look at my girl, how content she is, this young lady who puts so much pressure on herself throughout the school year.  Shouldn't she just spend the summer playing with clay?


We're lucky to have Justine's studio so close by.  She's an artist who believes in following your creative impulses - getting your hands dirty, regardless of the medium.  How could you not admire a woman like that?


And yes, that bump beneath her hand is her latest WIP.


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Ahh I did that my junior year of high school and loved it!

Um, small world. Justine in the DIL of one of the ladies in my knitting group!

Um, small world. Justine is the DIL of one of the ladies in my knitting group. :)

Ooh, I'm so jealous that there isn't a clay studio near me! Also, WIP? LOVE it. :o)

That does look like fun! It's something I've always wanted to try myself.

I see your daughter's are following in your artistic footsteps! :-)

FUN! I'd love to visit that shop... I wouldn't know where to go though... knit or clay... hmmm..

did I mention I just signed up for a ceramics class this fall?

more to come, I'm sure

isn't it good that we crafters can enjoy so much variety without guilt. Men could learn so much from us!

Hmmm...here we call that "the living room." (Okay, not really. But it's close!)

Nice pots!

Very cool! Looks like your daughter is a natural.

I have to say though, that mud being slung so close to the yarn does makes me a little nervous ;)

What a great way to spend a summer day!

Oh my! I used to throw pots all the time. It was an absession way before fiber. Sometimes I really really miss it. Thanks for the sense memory. I'd like to think I could center a lump of clay on the first try.

omg, is that pottery wheels in a yarn shop or am I dreaming?! That is so awesome! How cool that your girls are taking up on something so free spirited!

that looks like so much fun. I would love to take pottery classes.

I would be in heaven! I used to do pottery but haven't found an accessible way to keep doing it. Knitting is so much more portable (and cleaner)! Being able to do both though.. swoon!

That looks like so much fun...I've always wanted to try it. Your girls are lucky that they get to do stuff like this with you...I wish my mom would!

I always wanted to do that! Looks like your girls are really enjoying it.

oh! i did pottery one time. and loved it.
how totally awesome to have that near your house.
and with yarn! a dream come true.

Spinning yarn? No allure for me. But throwing pottery? OMG . . . I can't even begin to articulate the various pot/vase designs that run through my brain. That first shot is amazing though; I wanted to lick the screen.

how fun!! i took pottery for a few years and loved it. the feel of that wet, squishy clay spinning under your hands is amazing!

Oooh, how fun! I've actually never done pottery on a wheel before...one of these days I really want to try it.

What a thoroughly delightful post! Brilliant!!

Wow - what a brave yarn store owner!

How lucky for you and the girls to have a potter so close by! This is one of those things that I have always wanted to learn too.

Have fun!!

I remember spending my summers playing with a potter's wheel. My high school teacher let me bring it home for the summer.

I love that you encourage your girls to be creative!

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