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Planes, Trains and Sidewalk Cafes


This shawl was an impulse knit.  I cast on after digging through my stash one night.  I was bored with everything on my needles.  I'd been admiring versions of the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl that I'd seen on Raverly and this mindless knit turned out to be just what I was looking for.


The simple feather and fan stitch pattern shows off yarn beautifully.  The fact that most of the rows are garter stitch with a few yarn over increases at each end, made this a knit that I could cart around anywhere.


I worked on in during the endless train ride to North Carolina, as I watched seasons 2 & 3 of Weeds.  I worked on it sitting in a comfy wicker chair and sipping iced tea, on my mother's porch while listening to her neighbors dogs bark.  Incessantly.  I worked on it on the plane trip home from North Carolina, after we realized that there are better uses for our time than 12 hours in a rail car that smells like urinal cakes.  I worked on it sitting in a sidewalk cafe on 9th Avenue, while sipping mojitos, reading and sharing humorous passages with DD#1, who read her own book across the table from me.  It was the consummate "go anywhere" project.


DD#2 thinks it works well, refashioned into a skirt. . .


or a breezy summer top. 

She's been doing a lot of refashioning lately.  I really need to take some photos of her modeling the $4.00 men's t-shirts that she made into summer dresses.  Now the little fashionista wants me knit her a pair of shorts.    You've got to see the pattern (Ravelry link) she's got in mind.


Pattern:  Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl
Yarn:  Noro Silk Garden Lite - 4 balls
Colorway:  2011
Needles:  Addi Lace US 7/4.5mm

Love, love, love this pattern.  I'm already scheming to make another.


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very lovely, as usual.

do you craft uggly things sometimes ? seriously, every time I'm on your blog, I'm speechless and very very inspired by your work.

That came out really beautiful!

Gorgeous shawl!! I working on a traditional Hap shawl at the moment which also uses the feather and fan stitch....love all the garter!!

It's beautiful! It really looks warm and comforting.
Now I know what is wrong with me. I'm bored with all my projects too! I seriously thought of casting on several things, just so I can do something else. Would love to see your daughter's dress - T-shirt.

It is so beautiful in that yarn! I love these shawls too, mine is one of my favorite FO's. I admire your kids' sense of style immensely. If you decide to knit those shorts the yarn that Raveler used is on sale at Little Knits ;0)

It really is quite pretty. I've never knit one before, but I now feel inspired.

Your lovely daughters always show off your knits so well! :-)

Oh, so pretty - I love it! And those shorts - ah, to be young again - thay are too fun!

pretty, pretty! I love that pattern and use it all the time, for scarves, shawls, sleeve edgings, whatever. it´s just so pretty in all it´s simplicity. the shorts, hm, why not, while she´s still young enough to get away with it!
best wishes from Iceland

Beautiful! I love the colors.

it looks great, and i love your photo shoot! both of your DDs are so creative. lucky you!

The shawl is lovely, as ever. The shorts? I'm highly amused by those. Go on and knit them, you know you wanna! ;)

Only a very young teen would consider cables on her caboose!! Not too slimming, I bet.

It looks wonderful any which way you wear it :-)
Oh my, I've never seen those shorts before, they look super cute (probably not on my bod, but I can totally see your dd in them)... what are you waiting for mom - get knitting. :-)

It's wonderful and so is your model!

Wishing I had the booty to get away with those knitted shorts...lol not going to happen :)

The shawl is gorgeous! You always inspire.

I do like that shawl. I was thinking I wanted some lace that was simple and easy. I will probably start this up when I go on vacation.

The shawl is lovely in the Noro yarn !
I'm making the same one right now too, in my own handspun :-)
She really should consider doing fashion, she is so creative !

Thats fabulous and especially the way it is modelled!

I, too, am really inspired by this pattern and what people have done with it on Ravelry. The opportunity to play with colours/textures is endless (and obviously it's good for using up odds and ends)!

Wow, DD#2 is one brave girl. But hey, if you can't wear cabled shorts at her age, when can you? She can pull them off, I think. ;)
And the shawl is gorgeous. Love it, as well as the idea of knitting, reading, and mojitos. Mmm, mojitos....

so pretty!!!!

shorts, huh? that will be very interesting!! (and warm!)

Love the shawl! It has a marvelous retro feel.

That pattern really does show off a beautiful yarn! Love it!

oh all my favorite colors are in your shawl. looks great! have wanted to make one of those for a while, maybe you'll inspire me to dig through my own stash and get to it!

The shorts are so cool! The shawl is beautiful!

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