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Sleeping In

That's what my kiddo's are doing today. 
I now have three high schoolers.   Ouch.  Do you know what that means? 
In four years, there will be three college tuitions.


Thank you all for the kind congratulations on My Reader's accomplishment.  My sweet girl did a great job with her valedictory speech.  The winds kicked up and the skies darkened just as she was about to go the the podium.  I think she was hoping we'd all have to run for cover and she'd be off the hook.  Instead, she was accompanied by a rainbow as she spoke.

I suppose you are wondering what has happened to the knitting content on this little blog.  I have been knitting, I assure you.  As a matter of fact, there has been quite a bit of knitting around these parts.  The thing is, there is nothing that I can show you.  It's all of the secret nature.  I've had two socks designs accepted for publication in a book that will be released sometime in 2009 and I've been doing some yarn club design work.   The latter I should be able to show you in a month or so. 

If you are looking for some inspiring knitting content, go over to Kristi's blog.  She's just published a new sock pattern which she is calling "Guided by Love".  She is donating her profits from the pattern to The Seeing Eye, the organization which provided her mother with her first dog guide many, many years ago.  The Seeing Eye is located very close to where I live.  I have known a number of families who have fostered puppies until they were old enough to begin training as dog guides.   Students and dogs training together are a common sight in the local towns where I live.   The Seeing Eye is a big part of our community and one that we are all very proud of.  So, head over to Kristi's and purchase her beautiful pattern, you'll be doing a good thing with the added bonus of acquiring a fabulous new sock pattern.

Knitting content of my own soon.  I promise.


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Three college tuitions, three words to strike fear in the heart of parents, LOL! Congrats though, it seems you guys have done a wonderful job in raising your children.

And thanks so much for the shout out on the pattern!

Congrats to you and your girls! You must be burstingly proud. They are such accomplished, confident, beautiful girls already!

three high-schoolers? ouch! three college tuitions? double ouch!

Congratulations. And condolences on the thought of those 3 tuitions!

congrats! what an exciting time!!! all that secret knitting - very impressive!!!!

I just love that photo of you and your girls.

great photo!
so much has changed - we never had graduations from anything BUT high school - and they are wearing robes and everything. :)

Happy days!

Congratulations girls and Mum! I can't wait to see some of your secret knitting..it sounds intriquing!

Congratulations to the girls!

Congrats ladies! You - yes, all three of you - look so darn happy. Have fun next year in high school!

Congrats! Can't wait to see the new patterns. Okay, alright...if I must...I'll patiently wait. Good Luck!



Beautiful photo - congratulations! x

Look at it this way--you now don't have any pesky junior high schoolers around the house! Congrats to both.

Whew ... THREE in college. Well live it up now because the lean years are nearing. And then the "empty nest" happens. And THEN, you'll be borrowing ... the grandbabies for photo opts. LOL. One day at a time, hey.

I bought & posted about Kristi's sock earlier today. Can't wait to knit that one also.

The picture of you and your girls is just adorable! You look so proud. What a great day. Believe me, the next four years just fly by. You might think you'll be prepared emotionally, but believe me, it's hurts like heck. Be brave! Hold tight.


What a beautiful picture of you and your girls :) And congrats on the secret knitting, woo-hoo!

You have 3 beautiful and accomplished children! I can see why you are so proud of them. That is a tough thing to accomplish these days. And somehow you still find time to knit!! I admire you on so many levels. Congrats on the patterns in the book! And thanks for the link to "Guided by love".

Congratulations to your girls! A rainbow broke when she spoke - that brings chills!

Congrats to you as well! How exciting to have your patterns picked up!!! I can't wait to see your sock designs in 2009 - that is so exciting! (but i have to say, I'm really not surprise :) you are very good)

Ouch - 3 college tuitions - I am paying one right now, and I feel it every month... congratulations to all!

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