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Mittens In June

When I saw these I had to have a pair!  Who cares that it's June?






June Mittens
Made with my own handspun.
Pattern made up as I went along.
US size 3 needles - magic looped

Happy Solstice!


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love the yarn, love the color, love the mittens, but i think I love your photos most - so funny!!

The color is awesome - they will be much appreciated when winter comes around again.

Love 'em, and Miss Flair-for-the-Dramatic is hilarious!!

yay, those are great!
june mittens for everyone!

Oh, I love the shots! I really like the chipped toenail polish!! HA!! I caught that, oh yes! My daughter does the same thing. The picture makes me think of her, and she's 28 years old!! I love the mittens! Love the yarn! Thanks for the pictures!

One of your best photo shoots!

hehehehe..love the photos.

They're beautiful, and will be especially welcome come fall (love the color!).

Do you have to bribe your kids to model for you, or are they usually accommodating, even when it comes to wearing wool in summer? ;-Þ

You really do have the most beautiful, and exotic looking children!

beautiful mittens! did DD just get a pedicure? her feet look ready for summer! and her toes are like mine...fingers for toes!

I absolutely ADORE the mittens/flipflops pic! It is a gorgeous ironic pairing.

And I have to know where the DD got that brown top? I ~=want=~ one!

I love these!! I love how your daughter modeled them as well. Very cute :)

Brilliant mitts and photos! I shall add mitts to my list of things to make with handspun. :)

Cool mitts! As always, I just love the way your kids model your projects!

:) mittens are great anytime!!

So cool!! Congrats to your sweet girl on being valedictorian, you must all be bursting with pride.

I just knit one of Susan's (Itty Bitty) 45 minute mittens this week with the Rowan Big Wool I have. I have to make the other one next and it's 100 here nearly every day!
Your mittens look beautiful, love the color.

The first photo cracked me up! I don't stop knitting in the summer, either. :)

Gorgeous photos, yarn, mittens, gal - everything!

Ooh! I want to play too! I feel the need to knit handpun mittens in June now too!

Those are fantastic! Love your handspun :)

P.S. Congratulations to your daughter!

I loved Dropout's mittens and I love yours, too.

It snowed here in Montana in June. I'm jealous that you won't actually need them anytime soon.

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