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Mittens In June

When I saw these I had to have a pair!  Who cares that it's June?






June Mittens
Made with my own handspun.
Pattern made up as I went along.
US size 3 needles - magic looped

Happy Solstice!

Sleeping In

That's what my kiddo's are doing today. 
I now have three high schoolers.   Ouch.  Do you know what that means? 
In four years, there will be three college tuitions.


Thank you all for the kind congratulations on My Reader's accomplishment.  My sweet girl did a great job with her valedictory speech.  The winds kicked up and the skies darkened just as she was about to go the the podium.  I think she was hoping we'd all have to run for cover and she'd be off the hook.  Instead, she was accompanied by a rainbow as she spoke.

I suppose you are wondering what has happened to the knitting content on this little blog.  I have been knitting, I assure you.  As a matter of fact, there has been quite a bit of knitting around these parts.  The thing is, there is nothing that I can show you.  It's all of the secret nature.  I've had two socks designs accepted for publication in a book that will be released sometime in 2009 and I've been doing some yarn club design work.   The latter I should be able to show you in a month or so. 

If you are looking for some inspiring knitting content, go over to Kristi's blog.  She's just published a new sock pattern which she is calling "Guided by Love".  She is donating her profits from the pattern to The Seeing Eye, the organization which provided her mother with her first dog guide many, many years ago.  The Seeing Eye is located very close to where I live.  I have known a number of families who have fostered puppies until they were old enough to begin training as dog guides.   Students and dogs training together are a common sight in the local towns where I live.   The Seeing Eye is a big part of our community and one that we are all very proud of.  So, head over to Kristi's and purchase her beautiful pattern, you'll be doing a good thing with the added bonus of acquiring a fabulous new sock pattern.

Knitting content of my own soon.  I promise.


I am bursting with pride right now.
Remember my reader, artist, rain loving, bunny feeding, mom hugging, sweet girl?


She's valedictorian of her 8th grade class.

Her dad and I are still scratching our heads trying to figure out where in the gene pool that came from.

Apollo & Artemis

You guys are amazing!!!  It was so very difficult to choose a name for these socks because of the many, many fantastic suggestions I received.  Thank you to everyone for your ideas.

In the end I chose to name the socks "Apollo & Artemis".   The the fraternal twin children of Zeus and his lover Leto, I like the fact that they are a boy and a girl.  These socks don't have a single gender so why should their name?

Five of you suggested Apollo &  Artemis, so I used a random number generator to choose who would receive the handspun.  The winner is Renna.    The other four, Kate, Bev, Abby, and Robin have all received patterns of their choice along with a copy of Apollo & Artemis.





Apollo and Artemis are the twin children of Zeus and Leto.  A well rounded guy, Apollo has been assigned many rolls including the god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry and the arts.  His sister Artemis is the goddess of the forest and hills and is often portrayed as a huntress with bow and arrows.  They seem apt names for these socks since they are fraternal twins who are similar but different.  The simple design works for either man or woman.  The patterning on both socks evokes the sibling’s arrows as well as the lighting bolts of their father.

Fraternal socks are the perfect choice for those among us who suffer from second sock syndrome!  If you are of a more disciplined nature, feel free to make an identical pair.  Either way Apollo and Artemis offer knitting simplicity, with a touch of decorative interest.


Two pairs US size 1.5/2.5mm circular needles, 24 inch.
Spare DPN in US size 1.5/2.5mm (or size to obtain gauge.)
Tapestry needle.

Yarn:  Farmhouse Yarns Fannie’s Fingering (80% Merino/20% Nylon) 400yards per 100 gram skein, Colorway:  Harvest, 1 skein

Gauge:  32 stitches = 4”(10cm) in stockinette

Finished Measurements: 7 (8, 9)”  circumference at leg and foot. 
Price US $6.00

Today marks Kiran's and my 19th anniversary.  Sheesh!  How in the world has it been nineteen years already?!  I will say, the old boy looks exactly as he looked the day I married him.  Good genetics that one.

Please Help Me Name the Fraternals!

Remember these socks from a few weeks ago?


Fraternals 2

I've had a number of requests for the pattern(s), which I am happy to provide.  The only catch?  I am burned out on naming patterns.  Now, I know I've got a lot of smart readers, (not sure what attracts the smart ones to this particular blog, but I'm just thrilled that they come!) and I could use your help.

Anybody care for a little contest?  The rules are simple:

  1. Name each of my fraternal socks.   Two socks.  Two names.
  2. Send your suggestions in an e-mail to throughtheloops at gmail dot com with "Fraternals" in the subject line.  If you have a blog, don't forget to mention your blog in the e-mail so that I may link to you if you win.
  3. The winner will be the one who suggests the names that I choose for the pattern.
  4. I will send the winner a copy of the pattern(s), two other Through The Loops patterns of their choice and some of  my handspun yarn.  (Yes, I am giving away some of my precious handspun.  I've been spinning a lot lately and my basket runneth over!).
  5. ETA:  Contest ends Friday, June 6th Midnight eastern daylight time.

Thanks!  I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

PS.  For those of you in NJ  the talented, energetic, always inspiring Justine, from Angelfire Studios is having a KIP event on the 14th out on the lawn near her FABULOUS shop in Basking Ridge.   Details here.