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I am bursting with pride right now.
Remember my reader, artist, rain loving, bunny feeding, mom hugging, sweet girl?


She's valedictorian of her 8th grade class.

Her dad and I are still scratching our heads trying to figure out where in the gene pool that came from.


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Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment!!

good for her! and the proud parents, of course!
best from Iceland

Congratulations to your daughter . . and to the gene pool = you and your hubby. Funny, but I highly doubt anyone else is wondering where it came from. ;)

I think I know exactly where it came from. Congratulations!

I didn't know the English word for that, now I do, thanks to your daughter.

congratulations !!


Wow! That is quite the achievement, for you too ;)
You have to knit her something extra special now, lol.

You know, the valedictorian of my eighth grade class was very sweet tempered too. I wonder if that personality trait combined with good genes equals greatness.

Congratulations to the valedictorian and to the proud parents! In viewing her photos, I always suspected that she was Thinking Deep Thoughts...... :)

Oh, wow! What an awesome accomplishment! I'd be popping my buttons. Congratulations to her and to Mom and Dad for raising such a smartie! :-)

How cool is that?! Congratulations! :)

Congratulations, how pride you should be

doesn#t matter where she comes from.
from heaven and this is all you have to know-
this is what i say to me when my daughter turns into a rage attack and nothing is gonna work anymore. ok, she is not me, not father, from where the hell is she coming from?
from heaven!! :)))
best wishes for you and your wonderful daughter!
lg eva

Congratulations to your wonderful daughter!

Wow! Don't scratch your heads...pat yourselves on the back! Congratulations!

congratulations!!!!!!!!! that's wonderful!

Congratulations to your daughter and her loving parents!

hehe, congratulations! that is so exciting!

Oh stop. Hello ms crazy cool designer!


That's wonderful! congratulations!

Thats fab! Well done to her and you for bringing her up to be so great. (I had to look it up to see what it meant!)

Congratulations - to all of you!
Of course, well done your daughter.

Congrats!!!!! I'm working on getting my 8th grade son to shower for graduation...

I'm so proud of my brilliant and talented niece :)

Wonderful! What nachas!!! Congratulations to all of you!

I don't exactly know what that means, but I'm guessing it's a good thing. So Congratulations on your clever daughter!

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