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Yes, We Are Blurry


  1. It was before 7 am when these photos were taken
  2. It was very foggy
  3. We only had about 5 minutes to take the photos
  4. I hadn't finished my coffee

Will you forgive us?






Wildly Staccato Hoodie

Pattern:  My Own

Yarn:  Cascade 220

Zipper:  Mood Fabrics (What is up with M&J Trimming not carrying zippers?  I swear I used to be able to buy them there back in the 80's before they were the Mecca they are now.)

Coffee:  Latte w/ 1% - Made as a bribe to get him to model so early in the morning.

Started in January, finished on May Day with much harassment/guilt from the recipient.   If I didn't love this kid so much I never would have been able to get through the weaving in of those ends.
His sisters have designs on stealing this.  Perhaps I should take advantage of the Cascade 220 on sale at Webs and make a few more.

Now, if you haven't already seen it, go have a look at the striped Tomten Nova made for her rock star.   I feel a kinship with her over these projects, not just because of all of the ends that we both had to face, but also because Little Sir reminds me so much of my son at that age.  Seeing him in those stripes is like a time machine.

Hey Nova, guess what his first comment was when he tried the finished hoodie on?
"Where are the pockets?"  They never change.  The only difference, the trains are now Metro cards, random guitar picks and a cell phone.

Off to Maryland Sheep and Wool tomorrow.  The weather report looks great!  I can't wait of meet some of my blog friends.


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Love this! The colors are amazing, and the hood looks perfect. Great work :)

wow, that sweater is awesome! i don't even remember seeing any WIP photos of this one, it must've gone quickly! the thought of weaving in all of those ends...ughhh..... i love to seam, but i hate weaving in ends!

hopefully i'll see you at MDSW!

If we were on Ravelry right now, I'd be clicking the "love" button with abandon! Great job!

I'm in LOVE with that sweater. Absolutely perfect.

love the colors.
I can easily picture myself with a scarf with the SAME stripes...
thanks for the inspiration.
as usual...

what a lucky boy, I mean MAN !

Very beautiful colors and a great hoodie indeed.

Take Care

Love it...so fabulous! The weather seems to suit it and show off all the lovely colors!

Fabulous, fabulous. I love it! And I love that your son was actually asking you for handknits--seems like i hear more stories of peoples' teenagers refusing to wear them!

Wow, that looks great! This is just further proof to me that, most of the time, the simplest sweaters are the best.

That sweater is amazing! I may have to steal your idea...

That is one seriously cool sweater! I do not dare let my husband see the photos - he would demand one of his own, and oh my all those ends! I commend you for your perseverance. I don't think I could have faced all that weaving.

Well - he certainly doesn't look fuzzy! It's fabulous!

Good god that's cute! Now I'm craving more Cascade & a latte.

How very cool! It must make you so happy that the kids ask for handknits.

Fanfuckingtastic! Congratulations!

I agree that the fuzziness of the photos does brilliantly capture the atmosphere....all of it is gorgeous...hoodie, son and photos!

That is so awesome! I love it. Have fun!

Now you're making me cry thinking about my son not wanting to carry trains but guitar picks and train tickets :)

Great sweater!

wow! i really love this sweater! excellent job. love the stripes - everything!

have fun this weekend!

cool sweater, beautiful colours and equally beautiful boy. once again a perfect success. congratulations!
best wishes from Iceland

The sweater is really quite great, and I can totally understan why the girls would want ones of their own!

I think we both deserves big pats on the back for our, I mean our sons' sweaters. Heh, pockets!

Have fun tomorrow. I am sad not to make the fun this year.

My gosh the ends! It was worth it though, this sweater is great! You did a great job with the zipper too.

I'm sure you hear it all the time, I know I must have mentioned it here before, your children all have the same face. They are so cute.

It's so cool I can barely stand it.

OMG--that is so cute!

The sweater is really cute, too.

how cool is he? i love that sweater. and it looks perfect on him!

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