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Happy Belated Mother's Day

As I write this post it is 12:01 am.  Mother's Day is over.  Sorry I'm a bit late.  Hope you had a good one, whether you are a mother of the child of a mother.


It was a good weekend.  My kids were in a show.  It was my son's last with the group he's been working with for the past 3 1/2 years.  We've watched him blossom from an awkward 7th grader to a confident young man in those years.  That was in no small part due to all of the amazing opportunities he has had to perform with this program.  Now it is time for him to move on and explore new interests and create music of his own, on his own terms.


He went out with a bang.  The kids did a production of the musical "Hair" and he was one of the leads.  The kid put his heart and soul into the role of "Berger" and it payed off.  Mama was proud.

DD#2 was also in the show.  As always when she sings, she gives her mom the chills.  I will never tire of listening her. 


It was fun creating the costumes for the show.  DD#2 was well prepared except for the "dire" need of a crochet scarf at the last minute.  That was easily remedied on Thursday night with a 6 mm crochet hook and some bulky yarn from the stash.


I improvised the pattern on this.  It is based on my memory of a pattern in the Stitch and Bitch crochet book "The Happy Hooker".  I say "based on my memory" because I was too lazy to run upstairs to find  the book and get the actual pattern.  Wasn't it enough that I dug through the stash for the yarn?

Happy Monday.


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It's a great scarf! I would have killed for that scarf when I was a hippy, though if I wore it now I think I would just look like an ageing hippy (which isn't quite as cool, eh?!).

How gratifying to see your kids perform and be so creative (gee where do they get that from?). You are so present for your three, I really admire you for that!

as always pretty, pretty! congratulations to your boy. I wish I could find a similar place for my daughter. she´s the artist type, with her music and writing and creative thinking, a mild case of Tourette´s and her love of discussing philosophy and ethics with grown-ups. but, she´s also a teenager and wants to fit in, which she doesn´t in the school she´s going to now. she just feels strange and eccentric and thus tends to isolate herself and it breaks my heart to see her trying to stifle her own self just to be able to endure hanging out with the other girls who only think about boys and lipstick. how satisfying it must be to see your child blossom like that.
best wishes from Iceland

You have great kids! I love the scarf. What modifications did you make?

Happy Mother's Day (belated) and wishing you a great Monday!

Congratulations on your children's production! It is always so much fun to watch them perform on stage isn't it? That is a talented bunch you have!

Great little scarf!

Sounds like a delightful show! The scarf is amazing, I love the "fun-ness"!

Congrats on the show . . . seeing your kids perform never gets old, even if it is one of the last times. Must be something about daughters asking for something handmade at the last minute. Except it was usually me asking my mom for a new blouse or something for the next day at school.

Perfect! The colors are great--almost, almost an inspiration for me to pick the hook back up :)

you must be so proud of your children. and you should be so proud of yourself! performing is totally awesome! i wish my kids would show an interest in it.
love love love the scarf! and of course, you daughter looks fabulous!

That's a very cool scarf. I'm glad you had a proud moment with your kids.

That sounds great! I love the musical "Hair", and I like even the movie. Your son was Berger, not bad. Wish I could have heard your daughter sing too.
My daughter's class did "The Fiddler On the Roof", and I got goose pumps all over, it was sooo great. The scarf looks just right for this purpose, you did well as always. :o)

As always, your kids are awesome, and they have one great mom!

PS - Tad and I met in high school when when we were in a musical together - really great memories, and really great friends & experiences. Your kids will remember these times forever. :)

A production of Hair? How cool is that?

That's it. I have GOT to learn to crochet. Plucky girl would love a scarf like that.

Happy mother's day to you too! What a talented brood you have - we don't have to look far to see where they get their talent from...I'm loving your Blog...it's a real inspiration and you are very talented with the needles and with the love and support you give to your family.

Great scarf! I'm so glad your son's show went well. Happy belated Mother's Day to you!

Lovely scarf. The colours are great!

Happy [belated] Mother's Day sweet mama. :) You have done an incredible job so far.

I remember my parents coming to performances I did at school..always made me feel good to hear their praise...I'm sure your kids appreciate it too...what wonderful memories to cherish!
....the scarf is very cool...you sure do crank out the fiber products!

hmm, how did i miss this post? i don't think it showed up in my feed reader! i love the scarf!

The scarf is beautiful - great colors! You have such talented kids (and they have such a talented mother) : )

P.S. Love all your recent knits (and the Eloise pattern), but especially your Wildly Staccato Hoodie -- awesome colors!

I love the colors!

You're a great mother, with great kids. Glad you had a wonderful mothers day week.

love that scarf and your children are growing up indeed. You have such an eye for color.

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