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Growing Up

Go check out my new pattern store.


For the past few months the side bar here has been getting pretty full.  Things like links to other blogs, knit alongs & webrings have all been pushed aside.  The pattern store is way overdue.

I'll continue to post notices here when I release new patterns, but soon the links in the sidebar on this blog will be eliminated to make room for links to some beloved blogs and shops.

Coming soon to the store:  Patterns for the Wildly Stacatto Hoodie and Fraternal Socks.


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woo hoo! so glad you're finally doing this! your designs so deserve their own page. :)

Awesome - so glad for you, and selfishly myself - pattern store=lots more rockin' patterns!:)

Yay for your new pattern store! You are a wonderful designer!!!

Awesome Kirsten - Watching you "grow" is so much fun!

Congratulations! I can't wait to say, "I knew her when . . . her patterns were just in the sidebar."

Congratulations! What a fantastic step for you!!!!

it's about time!!! :) congrats!!!

Very nice! Thank you for your efforts!

very cool!! woo!

excellent! they do deserve their own page!

Yay! Your talent definitely needs to be showcased in its own store. I am so excited that you're going to be releasing the hoodie pattern as well. I know I can always come to your site for the best stuff--thanks! :)

Great idea! The new pattern store looks wonderful. It's definitely the right time for this.

Kirsten - Congratulations!!!!

Wonderful - a store to themselves. You are a very talented designer. I am hoping that a pattern for the Heavenly Shawl will be for sale too at some point....

The store looks great! I was wondering what was happening with all the button editing I saw over on flickr!

It's about damn time lady!

Also, email me your phone number. I need to tell you in *person* about my plane ride adventure with the Indian woman who stole my chickadee cowl I was working on to show me how she could knit.....

Congrats! That is awesome!

Good for you for hanging out a shingle! Nothing beats one stop shopping:)

cool! congrats on your new store! :)

very cool! a big congrats to you on your new store!

That is Awesome! Congrats! :)

Yay - I can't wait for the fraternal socks! Love em! HOpe you do that beautiful shawl, too.

Woo hoo!! It's fabulous...congratulations!

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