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Don't tell me my socks gotta match. . .

. . .'cuz I'm not gonna to listen!


Fraternals keep the knitting interest high, and that is just the way we fly.


My identical twin daughters don't match, so why should the socks?


It's all about individuality, baby.


Yup, we're just livin' on the edge.


Fraternal Socks

Pattern(s?):  My own
Yarn:  Farmhouse Yarns Fannie's Fingering
Colorway:  Harvest
Needles:  US 1.5/2.5mm Addi Lace magic looped


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Yay for individuality! I love your socks! :-)

What a great idea! I like them. It's something I'd do too.

What a fun idea!! I love it! Fraternal - on purpose - perfect!

God how fabulous, and guess what? After I drooled over your yarn on Flickr I remembered something--that I bought that very color way at Purl the last time I was there. Woot woot!!!

BTW, totally loving the labels on the pattern pics:)

Super cute! Fantastic concept. :)

You rebel! ;)

They're both great socks. I'd love it if you made the pattern available for the sock with the zig zag lace insert, very nice.

Love the socks. The pattern is awesome. Writing it up anytime soon?

Those are wonderful!

I love these. The colorway really ties the patterns together; and the patterns really make you look twice at the socks!

Yay for fraternal twins! You have a knack for coming up with lovely designs. :)

great idea! I´ve never done them that way, but when knitting with self-patterning yarn I just knit on and never bother to try and make them the same. I like it when they come out a little different and so do my kids, have knitted socks for my father though which he can´t wear because he can´t accept the fact that they´re not the same.
best wishes from Iceland

What a great idea and a fabulous pair of socks!

How cool! What a fun way to knit socks.

You have been a knitting machine lately! I LOVE both sets of socks and what a great mom you are to let the girls be their different selves :-)

I just love them!


OMG, I just love when things don't match! UGH! All it reminds me of is, back in the 80's, when I bought this horrible plaid family room set and everything matched! Good Lord! What was I thinking? Anyhow, I digress..........If I ever have the nerve to give socks a try (newbie here!), they will definitely NOT match!

Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings,Leslie

:) cute idea - the yarn matches though, so they are officially a pair....

I am totally going to do the same thing (no more second sock syndrome!). Hey, if you have time could you let me know what stitch patterns you used? Thanks!


love the socks!

now that is an inspirational idea...no more second sock syndrome ! Clever you

Oh I love them. And the color, too.

way to go !!! ;)
No second sock syndome. Love it.

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