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Heavenly Shawl

To keep the peace in this house, I'll need to make two more of these.  Luckily Blue Sky makes this yarn in a lot of gorgeous colors.








Pattern:  None.
Yarn:  Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes, Color #2013, purchased at Angelfire Studios, Basking Ridge, NJ
Needles:  US 15 (like knitting with Lincoln Logs
Movie viewed during knitting:  There Will Be Blood
Photographed at the Cross Estate Gardens.


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It looks so cozy and wonderful!!

beautiful! Love how simple and yet classic it is!

Oh my, that's lovely.
Do you remember how many skeins you used?

That looks just gorgeous. And, you know, I haven't been to that shop in Basking Ridge yet....

So beautiful! So simple yet gorgeous.

Brilliant and stunning photos (and product) as always! You'll never be lacking for family to knit for!...and you get more than one go at any given project!

What a gorgeous shawl - the depth of the colorway is amazing - like a deep pool. Lucky girls you have:) Did you like There will be Blood? I need to see it!

OMG! I love that shawl, so beautiful and the color looks great on your Daughter :) Just curious, how much yarn did you use for it?

LOVE it! No wonder you're going to need to make more! How many skeins did you use?

It's a beautiful shawl. Your daughter is a beautiful model too.

your shawl and photos are so beautiful! also, i really love that distressed door!!! what a great place to take photos.

beautiful shawl, beautiful girl, beautiful surroundings.
best wishes from Iceland

That's gorgeous. I love the color and as usual your photos are fabulous. What did you think of There Will Be Blood?

Oh! So much to say! The shawl and daughter go together so well. Doesn't she love it?! The doorway is perfect, perfect. Okay, how many skeins, and what did you do?? You should know by now, that we want all the details. I actually have some of that very yarn! I've been waiting for the perfect thing to come along. So pretty!

So simple, but absolutely beautiful.

It looks great, as all of your knits do. I really like the deep blue. I'm not usually a fan of the color. I hope you have a couple more movies to knit along with :)

It's gorgeous! Ok. Must know. How many skeins. Is it just garter stitch?

that is beautiful! perfect for this time of year. no pattern??

knitting with anything bigger than 10's is always a challenge for me - hurts the hands!

I am not really into shawls, but I really like this one. The blue is absolutely gorgous. Can you tell me how to do something similar? What is the stitch used?
Thank you.

Just beautiful!

oh wow!! Great photos of the shawl and your daughter. So professional. :)

Love the shawl!You must give us the pattern.
What did you think of There Will be Blood?
Personally-I didn't like it at all.

I never really liked shawls much but this one is so cute! You're lucky you have such beautiful models on hand! Will you be putting this pattern up for sale?

Beautiful! this color is mesmerizing. i have been thinking about simple shawls lately... and this one is right on. looking forward to seeing more, since you mentioned you have to make peace in the household! ;)

The shawl is beautiful. My favorite pic is of her standing in front of the doorway. She has spunk!

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