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Fourty @#*!#%! Six

At least I can still do this:


(Inspired by these talented ladies.)

However, it is advisable after a certain age to apply makeup before taking photographs in bright light.  (Tidying up the background is a nice touch too.)


"The cowl?" you ask.  I had to make the cowl because Ms. Fricknits says they are the new scarf, and I am a follower.  It is a basic linen stitch.  I'll write up the pattern if anyone wants it.


(Gratuitous close up of stitch pattern and the glorious Plucky Knitter's colors. [Colorway: Janis])

It was an all about me weekend.  First there was the cowl.  Then 18 holes of golf.  Then dinner with my golf buddy/tax preparer/sommelier/tech support/the only guy who'd stick with me for 20+ years.
The next day there was the spinning of 4 oz. of Scout's Superwash Merino Roving.   (Colorway: Power Couples)


The fiber arrived on Friday.  Admit it, you wouldn't have been able to just tuck it away in your stash either.

Along with the spinning, there was more golf.  Since I now have a locker at the golf club I had to crochet a key chain for my shiny new key.  You know "had to".  That bag full of sock yarn scraps does come in handy from time to time.


The weekend was nicely rounded out with Indian take out last night.  One would think that I had all the free time in the world.  I don't.  I'm just really good at neglecting the things I should be doing.  It also helps to have a fantastic family who indulges me.

Off to get a pedicure!  ;)  Hey, I can, it is my birthday after all.


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Happy birthday Sis! Gosh you're old! I can say that because I'll always be older :)

I was really impressed with the handstand! Lovely form :) Middle Sis and I were just watching gymnastics on TV last night, they were all about 12 years old. Remember when we were doing that stuff? Where have the years gone? *sighs*

Happy Birthday!!!!! I can barely do a cartwheel now, I give you credit!!! Love the cowl - I just hate pulling them over my head, but they are a much quicker knit than a scarf and take much less yarn! Love that linen stitch - it shows off that yarn perfectly!

Happy Birthday! You are 18 months younger than me (I was 47 in Oct). I can't do cartwheels anymore, though! Enjoy yourself.

Happy Birthday!! You still have a few more days to celebrate I think. For me 7 is the minimum, 8 is ideal. I love your cowl, but I lurve the fiber. No, I wouldn't have been able to wait either.

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a fabulous weekend and hope today is even better!

Happy Birthday! Wish I could do a cartwheel. I never did manage that even as a kid. So glad your weekend was wonderful!

Happy happy birthday....very impressed with the handstand....this past year of obsessed knitting has made me a little stiff...you've inspired me!

Happy Birthday! Yay for you! Lots of love coming your way.

oh happy day. i'm 10 years younger than you and doubt i can do a cartwheel. i honestly wouldn't try. would love the linen stitch cowl pattern if/when you can write it up.

Happy Birthday! Love the colors in your cowl, handspun and key chain :)

Happy Birthday!

Way to go with the gymnastics & the cowl.
Absolutely love the cowl!!!

I thought you were a brunette ;o)

Happy Birthday !!
enjoy YOUR day, a piece of cake, a glass of wine, a little bit of knitting, spinning and/or crocheting...and lots of hugs from your husband and kids.

i'm turning 36 next month and I think I'll have a pedicure too ! ;o)

your cowl intrigues me (I don't know this stitch) but I am in love with your hand-spun yarn....those colors !! yum !!!

Cartwheels are a perfect antidote to birthdays (one way to not let gravity get the best of you)!

Happy birthday!

a very happy birthday to you! sounds like you had the perfect weekend.
best wishes from Iceland

Happy birthday! Fun pics. Best wishes for a great year ahead!

Happy Birthday!

I must also put in a vote for a written version of the cowl pattern. I always enjoy your patterns.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday! I hit the big 46 this year too in May. I can still cartwheel, however, I learned that I shouldn't do it in a bathing suit at the beach as gravity takes over when I'm upside down and the bathing suit doesn't cover everything when I'm right side up again!

Love the cowl...will have to find some suitable yarn to make one. I'm so tired of wearing turtlenecks that maybe a cowl will get me through the chilly spring.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday! I am seriously impressed by the cartwheel, I haven't tried to do one of them in years!!

Not only can you do a cartwheel, that may be the best form I've seen all week! Happy Birthday and I'll add to the crowd who'd love to have it written up!

Happy Birthday!!

Also I love all the projects you have on your blog... I have been a dedicated reader! Your hand spun yarn is magnificent and I love the cowl! I would love to have the pattern so I can whip up one for myself!

Thanks Always,

What form! Love the pointy toes. I can do a cartwheel still but I'm sure I would not look at all graceful :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! And I just love the cowl. I love linen stitch now that I've made a sock cuff out of it. It looks so much more complicated than it is and it blends the colors beautifully. I love yours. I might have to jump on the cowl band wagon. All you lovely ladies are making it hard on a girl not to make one!!!

Happy Birthday, Kirsten! I seem to recall you saying that you are Swedish and WOW do you look it:) As a native Minnesotan, the Swedish look has always been high on my list, I always wanted those light eyes and blonde hair. Have a great day with that brood of yours...

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