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Crochet Love

Before we begin, jump over for a visit with Ms. Frick and learn how to become a Ravelraiser!  There are some pretty sweet prizes being offered just for supporting Ravelry!  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blog post.  I've gotten myself on a crochet binge again.  I think I've been visiting Kinokuniya a bit too much.


Normally I only need to make one of any given project.   My girls each have such different styles/preferences that we seldom have arguments about to whom a new FO should go to.  This crochet hat was the exception.  I made the yellow-green hat first and there was much dueling for ownership.

I quickly made another.  Luckily crochet is a fast craft.  At least there were no battles for color.
Reunited, they were able to return to the usual activities.


DD#2 continues to plaster pumps with newspaper.  There has been much searching of sale racks for the perfect shoes.  She's made three more pairs, one for each of her favorite music teachers.  Headlines and images are carefully chosen for each individual.  The pair that she is spraying here goes to her vocal teacher.


DD#1 busied herself examining signs of spring on the maple trees. 


Pattern:  From a Japanese Crochet book, ISBN  #978-4-277-17207-3.  It's the hat on the cover.
Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora
Hook:  3.5 mm for green hat, 4 mm for aqua hat
Mods:  My yarn was much heavier than the yarn used in the pattern, so I did fewer increases.  The pattern uses a crochet brim.  I picked up stitches and knit a twisted rib to make the hat fit a bit snugger.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have offered to test out my New Math.  I haven't responded to anyone yet because I want to read through all of your notes carefully.  A number of you have body types for which I am very curious to see how the formula works.


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super cute.....they look adorable in them!

I love Kinokuniya! Those hats are adorable!!!

The hats are as adorable are your girls.

The hats and the daughters are adorable. The contest sounds awesome! Thanks for the link!

whelp, I'm finally getting around to doing your Achillea sock. I found a nice yarn and I'm hoping that I get it right the first time.

I usually do socks on 0 needles but I'm doing these on 1's because I have a size 8 foot. Your instructions are for 7.5. Let's see how well I do with that slight modification. Huh, did I do a gauge swatch you ask? Why would I do that?

Great hats! Kinokuniya is dangerous. They have way too many cool books.

I love the second pose . . . probably pretty telling about your girls is my guess. The hats are quite lovely - very spring like.

I love that a hat can cause dueling ;)
My twins are the opposite sex so we shall see what they end up dueling over.

I love how animated they are in the photos!

Those two are just priceless!!

Great hats and colors!

I could not find Kinokuniya when I was in NYC last. I kick myself for my lack of determination in the endeavor on an almost daily basis. Very cute hats, and they look very cute on the girls!

those books are just the best.
and those hats too!
your girls look so great in them.
i have only crocheted once. because of you and your thorpe. now i may have to learn how to crochet to make a hat like that!

Your hats are great!

your daughters are such great models! love the hats. i am always inspired by the mags at kinokuniya, but i never know how to translate the patterns!

I want one too!!! They are super adorable.

Your girls and their hats are adorable!

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